Top 10 Appetizer Ideas That Take Less Than 10 minutes

When someone is planning a party and running out of prep time, they don’t need to pick out a bunch of designer recipes taught at a culinary arts school. Instead, they can just opt for some small, quick recipes that only take a few minutes to create. This saves you time, yet is still savory for your guests. He or she can use these cany time of the year, and most of the ingredients are available at any local grocery store.

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undertaker666dead says:

Top 10 Appetizer Ideas. #1 A bacon bowl with more bacon in side.

Thomas DeSocio says:

wantin lil

Phyllis Begay says:

Thank u for the recipes. Much better than all the jokes.

The Gunner The Gunner says:

more like top 10 videos to not watch. #1 this one

Betisa Brown says:

“Wantin” cups????? Really???

J'Mervin TV says:


Rebecca says:

won ton

Antonio Yano says:

If you want to waste your time.. Watch this video!

eqlzr2 says:

Waaant-n. hehe OMG (thumbs way down)

Tuffsmoygles says:

What is wantan wrapper? Why are why pronouncing it that way?!

Jeff Bassett says:

cuz he’s an idiot. lol

Shay Ashford says:

Wong-tong… Not wang-tang lol lol

Paula Reilly says:

Wan-tan? Peppers are a meal, def not finger food

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