Tiramisu Recipe – How to Make Tiramisu – Valentine’s Dessert

Learn how to make a Tiramisu Recipe! Go to http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2014/02/tiramisu-it-will-pick-you-up-and-not.html for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Tiramisu Valentine’s Dessert Recipe!

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minatozeta says:

SIr, we don’t have wine nor alcohol here in Middle East. What alternative ingredients I can use?

Alexandre Cintra says:

My favorite liqueur for this recipe is Amaretto.


can i make this without adding the alcohol?

Lostfinding333 says:

Loved how funny you are cooking xD

tranquil Nice says:

i thought the fucking was supposed to be the dessert

Elham Rgb says:

I am sorry , but this is SHIT ☺

R3dM3g says:

I love the sarcasm in all your videos

The Original says:

there’s no x in espresso come on man

rubina ali says:

Please let me know the substitute of wine as i am a muslim.

Yannick Rochat says:

sounds like seth rogen hahaha

Valech0 says:

The magic of these videos is, that you always answer the questions before I have them.

breker19er says:

Great post!!

Alline Saylor says:

You make it look so easy. You seriously know the exact way to a girls heart.

Lindsay Aman says:

When he put the cocoa on top (before I knew it was cocoa) I totally was like “HE IS NOT PUTTING FN CAYENNE ON TIRAMISU!” Hahah, oh Chef- you sure do like your cayenne.

mons phille says:

What kind of wine is it?
Is it possible to replace it with rum?

Tiare Tangaroa says:

is there a PG version of this dessert? my son keeps trying to get to buy him the tiramisu at the local cafe! he’s only 5.

pola sav says:

I remember when i was 12, me and my friend, we had a can of pineapple. So we really wanted to make a meringue to eat that pineapple. But the thing is we didn’t have a mixer, nor a whisk. So we used a fork to mix the eggwhites. After some time we got tired and we kept mixing one after another. In the end it didn’t turn to meringue so we ate it as it was 😀

akshat sinha says:

love the way you talk! 😀

salahhe says:

I haven’t done this in years but I don’t remember it being so complicated.

Danny Puran says:

Enjoyed this so much I forgot to get laid…

Sooraj Kl says:

you are the best John !!!! you inspire ppl in more ways than u know!

Sylvie Satie says:

I never thought Id laugh at a prostitution joke, but I did… Chef John has control of me like that #forkdontlie

Eva Hamrick says:

Where’s your copper bowl? Works better.

ninja says:

this would be perfect if you put choc chips in with the cream cheese

Daniel Gill says:

Really need give this a go.

Pewters Now says:

“For no reason, just fun” XD

IAmAgainst says:

Tried it, mascarpone didn’t blend. It was still edible but the mix was full of small white dots of mascarpone.

Алекс Кет says:

I am new to this channel and my heart melts when he says “En-joy~”.

Dianne Dela Cruz says:

Can I substitute the marsala with kahlua?

Mini Pony says:

I love your voice

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