Here it is folks, by popular demand!!! A catch and cook with a blackened “Triple Tail” fish sandwich!!! I put the link to the fishing video below for those who haven’t seen it yet. Our good friend Adam Walker masterfully fillets a beautiful Triple Tail we caught in the Gulf of Mexico and I bring some home to Maryland for the skillet! Blackened fish is one of the easiest ways to cook fish and one of the tastiest! ENJOY!!!


Fish fillet of your choice & thickness
Cajun or Blackened Seasoning
(THAT’S IT!!!)

Follow me in the video for the cooking method/recipe! It’s super easy…

Condiment options are endless (MAKE IT YOUR OWN!)
YES… Cheese is great on a blackened fish sandwich!!!


Triple Tail Fishing Video:

*Cooking Gear:

*Charbroil Grill:
*Cajun Seasoning:

*Links to the camera equipment I use:

*Current GoPro equivalent:
*External Audio Mic:
*Open Side Skeleton Housing:
*GoPro Chest Mount:

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Dylan Sieben says:

you should make more videos like this

Johnza BMX says:

damn bro i want some

Elvisr29 says:

Good job on

Jacob D says:

My god…. I’d fight ya for that sandwich.

Jeff M says:

Awwwwwwesome, I’m Jealous!! Can you say Smell-a-Vision ??  LOL

The Bass Nutt says:

You can cook that for me anytime!

Jonathan Fitch says:

What fillet knife is that?

Kevin Lilly says:

Looks good, plus cheese makes everything better. But, now who cleans up?

Sam Root says:

Sadly mine is still in the freezer.. 🙁

Working Class Outdoors says:

cooking with Cornell!! I love it!

Bixby Taylor says:

YouTubefishingvids? More like YouTubecookingvids!!

George Quinnell says:

I’m just wondering, but is there an advantage to soaking the filets in milk other than reducing the odor? I’ve watched many fishing channels, but I find you make some great videos. I’ve never soaked filets in milk before, but I’m curious to know of there is a reason to do this or not.

Either way, I’m definitely trying this recipe out one of these days. I’m a freshwater guy so I haven’t seen a tripletail in a while, but this would probably be good with any fish.

Blake Budd says:

Looks so good

Jimmy D. says:

Dude, I’m freaking hungry now.

pablovidea53 says:

I live in Maryland

Luis Crespo says:

If the YouTube fishing doesn’t work out! You’ll kill it with the recipes!! Cheers from the DMV

cochrankoi says:

Cornell is the man!

Mark Coffman says:

i hope you turned off your grill and didn’t lose all your propane

Johnny Quest WY says:

Loved this video bro.. Well you can see on my vids that I love to cook myself… nicely done… I will let you know… try adding a little bit of salt and sprinkle some garlic powder to the tomatoes and try some time.. it will add a little …extra to the tomatoes especially that tomatoes will loose some juice in the sandwish.. and use Gouda Cheese.. .. just a little different to try.. but pickles are great with it.. for sure..

uriel ramirez says:

First time watching your videos…great energy! Amazing recipe…now looking forward to spring and camp fires just to make this very dish.. thank you!! New sub!!:D

RAWWFishing says:

Nice video man!!

Sae Kim says:

that looks delicious! great video man.

Jed Nagel says:

how much do you charge for these?

UsBassin says:

love ur vids bro

CabinOutdoors says:

Ive made this with catfish and it taste so good!

C R says:

Wow! Outstanding video, I really like how you break everything down and tell us what you are doing. Thanks for the post! It looks and I am sure amazing good.

9mm Glockcoma says:

I need to go fishing with YouTubeFISHINGVIDS!!!!

MileHy Angler says:

I hope you and Mike do more videos together. I enjoyed the catch and cook crappie and really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing this, I can’t wait to make my own. Keep up the great videos Cornell!

cochrankoi says:

I’m from Georgia, so it is funny to hear you pronounce vidalia! I am sure your saying it right, but we say “ViDELLya” haha

Old Lady Angler says:

A perfect ending to an amazing vacation / fishing adventure! You definitely earned that TT sandwich! Looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

North West Fishing says:

Cornell, what is a great Shimano casting reel under 200 bucks. Thx

NE Bassing says:

Looks so good… I want one so badly now…

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