The Best Ever Bacon And Meat Lovers Recipe

This is by far one of the tastiest I ever had… It is called “Bacon Meat Pie”! It is loaded with flavour, meat, cheese, and of course a meal that is loaded in calories! Enjoy…

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An Airborne Cat says:

Made this on saturday after seeing your video, thanks. turned out great 🙂

Central Oregon Survival Network says:

Damn it, now I am hungry… !!! Everything is better with bacon!!!

abe driedger says:

Looks like a heart attack in a pan, my kind of meal. Lol

Frugalicious Ashley says:


WildByNature says:

That looked like an epic meal time… I would call this recipe ”A double by pass” 🙂

Huntnfishnuts says:

Looks good Dave. Don’t think you could fit any more calories in there.


I actually made this. . . .OMG !!!!!! I ATE THE HOLE PAN BY MYSELF

Rabbit Hunter says:

Oh my god what a feed. my diet wouldn’t alow that. but hope to try it over n the near future. Great video thanks for sharing Cheers RH

rodney newbury says:

Looked great Dave!

JD says:

looks very tasty Dave

Maria Olsdotter says:

Nice video. 🙂 Just skip the terrible background music, it’s really disturbing. 🙁

Mary Lanphier says:

Have made it twice now and it is DELICIOUS!


Looks great Dave and know a couple stents and you’ll be good to go. Later

cabotbluegill says:

that does look real good Dave

hunt4fish says:

Looks really good Dave have to try that sometime with ground moose, my fav, after all you never know if you are shortening your life or lengthening it x what you eat, only what someone tells you and you know how that goes says Ripley….where’s the homemade wine and the toothpicks for after?

Richard Welch says:

you ruined it with the not meat and cheese ingrediants.

Time on the line says:

That bacon must be 20 bucks there…..Looks great Dave. I will try this with caribou meat.

thebossoftheswamp says:

Now that’s what I call a bacon cheeseburger ha ha 😀

Turtle Bushcraft says:

That really looked good. Thanks for sharing. going to have to give that a try atb John

Dan Curran says:

How much ground meet do you need?

Roger Lamb says:

This looks amazing,  I will be trying this.

Russ White says:

someones gonna have a coronary yeah me lol

H.T.F. farmboy says:

That looks sooooo good

PawPaw Mountain says:

Wow! Got to give this one a try!!

Marc Germain says:

will try it ty

TheWildYam says:

It does look really tasty. I wonder if it would work to bake a thin layer of bannock on top as a crust in the last 20 minutes or so of baking time?

Scott Kneeland says:

Wow looks great, I’m drooling. I could even make that with one hand.

Weiderfan says:

Wow! That looks fantastic!

Todd Wittenmyer says:

Well, my wife and I just watched this and we’re gonna try it! Looked good to me! Oh yeah, Go Wings! Later Dave!

Terry Jones says:

This will be a nice Sunday brunch idea.

Jaqui_0 says:

This looks good, making it now.  Love the maple syrup idea – maple and bacon – We’ll see…almost done!

Kirk McCutcheon says:

Oh Yeaaaaaaaaaaa   looks awesome Dave ,good job!  Going to give it a try.                                   Migwech

Bradley Coles says:

Looks good Dave, going to try it out.

VK says:

Sorry Dave I can’t try it I would eat everything immediately and then I wouldn’t fit in my trousers LOL I have also seen pics of a “fatty” where minced meat, cheese, jalapeno, … is wrapped in a weaved bacon and smoked. Didn’t dare to try it either LOL

Wallace Vivian says:

looked awesome! i got to try it going to try it with ground moose meat.take care

TraprJoe says:

Your doctor is sitting at home thinking…Great now I gotta deal with Dave’s heart lmao….Looks yummy though!!! Thanks for sharing

NLGhostWolf says:

great looking meal there, but I bet you have some vienna hidden in there somewhere…. haha
I just love bacon, it truly goes with everything out there, kind-of like pepper…..

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