The best chapati / Authentic recipe from a gipsy village, Rajasthan desert / Indian flat brad / roti

Indian gipsy woman is making chapati in a desert in Rajasthan. Authentic video recipe how to make a chapati. Indian flat brad / roti. The best one I have ever had.
For detailed ingredient list and process check:

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What a day spent with gipsies in Rajasthan looks like:

Autentický video recept z cikánské vesnice v poušti v Rajastánu v Indii. Jak udělat čapátí. Tradiční indické chlebové placky. Pro podrobný postup a seznam ingrediencí navštivte:

Sehnat exotické ingredience:…

Jak vypadá takový den strávený s cikány v poušti v Rajastánu:

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Rektifiar says:

God damn, that looks good.

Herry Purnawan says:

not steril

Armaandeep Sandhu says:

Chapati is the main part of every north indian states.

Sudarshan says:

in every house way of cooking is same only difference is that we use LPG to cook food and different utensils

Ytyþ Haha says:

В Индии проживания древних дома хлебушек любишь как лава школе лепестками писатель узнать какие планы хлебом привычные нравится готовит новую посуды Казани разные варианты экспорта музыка паренек наоборот кормите детей мать каждый день работы ночи без перерыва смотреть календарь событий детей вырастут на работу тоже пекут муку солью, а руки руками тестирование путешествия. русский попробовать уже не помню.

kanish khan says:

i love indian food when every i will go other country this type food is not available very very testy and yummm chapati ……….. and so many things

Swan Agustina says:

i would like to try to make this at home, i wish the taste will be simillar.. nom nom..

Ravi Chavda says:

Nice best family

Poonam chaturvedi says:

for making wheat chapati dough you need half water exactly like two cup floor and one cup water.Of course whole wheat floor with wheat bran.sometimes water can be replaced with fresh whey which is obtained while making paneer or cottage cheese at home.When roti swells there is steam inside which bakes or cooks roti.

Natalie Siddiqui says:

amazing and beautiful video. how awesome that must have been to experience that. Did you stay the night with them ? What was it like ?

Naheed Shaheen says:

excellent video i like it
naheed from Lahore pakistan

Mian says:

Common style of food cooking in Pakistan and India.

Shamim Nurmohamed says:

Shirin anver recepie

Ramesh Balan says:

how natural, too good, thanks for this video, ramesh

subhash dasari says:

I love village food,
Awesome chapati

artisansportsman says:

You’re very lucky to meet such beautiful people in a charming village.

abqkaza says:

my surnames is muslim rawat my family come from vavsari region near thala

Nitin Kumar says:

When a stranger knocks on rich family’s door and ask for water or food, he/she will be asked to leave and if same person goes to a poor family, he will be given water and food irrespective of how less they may have for themselves…then how come poor are poor, they are so rich with their hearts….never ever never disrespect poors, they have bigger hearts than yours!

Ann Marie says:

Yyyy her hands so darker than her face.

Prajitha Mohanan says:


Rony Patel says:


ucc ggn says:

It always taste more whn v cook smthing on chuhla thn gas … even roti flour they use is mixed with chana and joo which enhance nt only the taste bt the nutritional value. moreover whn u cook with luv it becomes incredible tasty

Deshi kitchen sudha Recipe says:

Very nice video

Aparna M says:

Oh the beauty of food cooked on hearth!! Just divine!

king persia says:

these are the realest women on earth not the high heel wearing bimbos

zoomanda BOOM says:

Unsanitary food, cooking with rings on, touching the dirty wood and then the food? Honestly Indian cities are so filthy and smell like human crap and spices. Only eat there if you want constant shits from food poisoning and dysentery.

Thisalini Meegahage says:

I watched many chapati recipes but this one is looks yummy 🙂

tejaswini rahalkar says:

this is r Indian culture…simple but sweet..

Dharam Bandwar says:

Nice Videos..

Dhan Sree says:

It is definitely a great initiative I dreamed of. Bringing rural village recipes to a common platform. I was thinking to do it within India. You connected the world.
I invite you to my place as well.

Thank you,
From India.

Rhhvankar Vankar says:

a great test ofthe food at the lap of mother nature! the wooden cooked food become na very testy,the rajestan is the great land for the test of life too!visit pokren! ramdevra!

Dandani Wahab says:

انا عجبني خجل المرأة وحيائها من المصور تصرف راقي وعفيف .
أرجوا الفهم

AnekalJay says:

They are not poor. They choose to live life that way. I envy them.

majid Ashif says:

They are nomad people not gypsy

Abbas Bukhari says:

v nice chapati ilike it

Peter Talgaard65 says:

this is bread I love most of all food..simply am too white..too fact simply too stupid to get it right

uspjeh zvijezda says:

India, the future paradise, Mahabharat!

Pankaj Saini says:

I am from Rajasthan state of India and my Lithuanian girlfriend prepared roti for me once. I also do it for her very often because I know it very well how to make the roti round shaped. Love flourishing through ROTI. xD

shinytan says:

Did anyone notice… The whole family present to have a bite together… This show’s how poor we become compare to this rich people… 🙁 They have luxury to enjoy fresh food to enjoy with their loved ones…

Mariah Chavez says:

Namaste. I love this Indian food.

Ali says:

Beautiful woman, delicious chapati.

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