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Thai fish cakes! I first got introduced to them when I was in Ko Chang in Thailand, and I love them ever since. The great homemade spicy curry paste together with the fresh fish and zingy lime leaves and juice is just an incredible combination. This is Thailand!

Today I’m using fresh hake from my fishermen friend Alan from Cornwall, he goes out every morning to catch the most beautiful sustainable fish! Hake is a fish that is not that popular, but it is a great twist on cod or haddock, I can assure you will enjoy it!

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Video by Bart van Olphen

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Maï Cook à l'âne says:

Sounds sooooooo good! My mum gave me the curry paste she had bought (too hot for her, haha). It won’t tastes as good and fresh but I must give it a try!

India Bloom says:

Looks good Bart, reminds me of Salmon cakes!!!

Emil Smith Nielsen says:

What do you serve with this? Rice? 🙂

Jeff Ward says:

bought it at Barnes and noble today!!

gary daniels says:

Love the colours in this dish, going to have to make it to find out what it taste like, could really do with the book as a reference, any news yet when it will be released here. I don’t remember seeing hake anywhere here before, couple of places to have a look. Your friend in Cornwall, any plans to make a video there, one of the wonderful coastal places of our country. Thank You Bart

Paddy Grey says:

just missed what the grain was?! can you tell me please…looks good enough to eat!

Qairol Azeem says:

Hello Bart, can I use dory instead? and where can I get your book?

Daniel Dubeau Essa says:

That must have been spicy! 3 chilies in the paste, half a chili added in the cake base and then another half to garnish! haha I’d turn down the spice but lovely recipe I will definitely make this! beautiful color on the fish cakes well done!

Brooke Boatwright says:

can i use tilapia for this?

Kulinary Kreations says:

The fish cakes look amazing Bart! TFS the recipe! Have a great weekend 🙂

tstipes42 says:

I don’t know how you do it but everything you make looks so good and I’m not even a big fan of fish

Selena Best says:

i like the fish cakes they look very good

Hal Ryder says:

Looks nothing like the actual Thai fish cakes (believe they deep fry them?), but looks amazing nonetheless.

sharpo88 says:

Hi Bart! Tried your recipe last night, Flavors were great but had a bit of trouble with the fish cakes breaking up in the pan, do you have any suggestions to stop this? I thought adding some more breadcrumbs to the mix would of helped but It was too late!

lclkm says:

Great as usual! Thanks Bart

cartouchator says:

his hair needs a wash

ruud woud says:

Hallo Bart, je zegt in het filmpje dat je twee lepels bewaard in een kommetje, maar ik zie niet wat je er mee doet.

Arthy Dennie says:

Bart you’re almost there ! you’re cooking Thai food, Thailand is just beside Laos, please come to Laos

Viola Ciao says:


Sooty says:

another awesome Dish, Bart

chanapol pimsen says:

normally we use Clown knifefish so that the fish cake has smooth and chewy texture

Sang Le Ngoc says:

I am having a thought of using fillet salmon instead of a pieace of white fish. Wonder how the taste would be like :DDDDDD

chef mike says:

Haven’t has these sense I lived in Thailand. Lovely recipe Bart. Thank you for another Fishie Friday. Blessings ChefMike

simon fuglsang says:

Could you use another type of white fish?

will mac says:

delicious! with summer coming could you do a lobster roll?

Levi Olson says:

Just subscribed!! Perfect channel for any seafood fan

Jian Sern kok says:

Show us some Malaysian cuisine 🙂

Shirley Castle says:

Hake is a beautiful fish no matter how you cook it. Reminds me of Halibut

victor sels says:

wow 4 chilli’s is way too spicy for me, haha nice video Bart

Christopher Jeon says:

Nice catch @ 1:09

QuantumStriker 003 says:

I can smell the fish cakes on the screen of my phone~

T-Towel says:

Bart, if you do not have peanut oil, would coconut oil be a good replacement, or is the peanut also to add flavour?

Samuel Tong says:

nice! this is what I have been waiting for! tq

Chaotic Picks says:

“Wiping hands on the jeans like a hero” moment @0:46
“Mad catch-ball skillz” moment @1:07
“The eternal fight with the ever elastic coriander” moment @1:36
“Look at this bitchin tech” moment @3:09
“Knocking the zest out of the lime” moment @5:24

Gabriela says:


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