Swedish Meatballs Recipe — Beef & Pork Meatballs with Creamy Brown Gravy

Learn how to make a Swedish Meatballs recipe! Go to http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2012/11/swedish-meatballs-and-most-under.html for the ingredient amounts, more information, and over 760 more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Swedish Meatballs recipe!


Chris Duke says:

I’m about ready to make a BIG batch of these again.
Last time I fried them in cast iron on high heat for a quick light brown but not cooked all the way threw. Then I put them in Mason jars with the sauce & canned them. The canning process makes them soooo tender! I had to hide half of them (10 jars) so I could take them to work for lunch. The other half were gone in a few days.

Dior Finnis says:

jag är en svensk kött Bulls ätare

lil emilz says:

so are you going to tell us about the spatula

Kitty Cat says:

Looks Good ! ! !

Dusan Stankovic says:

What was that lame ” Enjoy” and no ”You are the” joke? and not finishing the holy spatula story?

Eithel Rotschild says:

Man that looks delicious, but you forgot the second major recipe. Yea the potatoes, how did you cook your potatoes? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Isabel Zavoranu says:

The slurry is water and flour mixed together. Put it in a container and shake it up real good and then add it to sauce or stew to thicken it up.

Michael Walsh says:

hey eric   a little old Italian lady once told me when she makes meatballs  and adds the eggs  she only uses the egg yolks  because she says the whites make her meatballs  hard .. so ive appied this rule to your reciepe   of swedish  meatballs   and I’m making them now  thanks

All Gone says:

Love it!

MrAwawe says:

What the hell are you doing boiling the meatballs in gravy?! You fry the meatballs in fat and then make the gravy from the juice that’s released from the meat. You don’t need all that beef broth. You get that from the meat!

Roland Thewes says:

Yummy from Australia 2017

Roman Maroni says:

Man you are hilarious

rneustel says:

So if allspice has one ingredient, halfspice has how many? 0.5

meri says:

great dish john, is this to feed 20 kids. meatball mini burgers.

Sonia aj Plays says:

Yummy I’m sweden 🙂

Dancing Spiderman says:

Chef John is the Deez Nutz of Swedish MeatBallz!

Because YOU DO NOT KNOW what those people at Ikea’s do with their meatballs. Eww.

Sovanntha Kong says:

I was so excited to make these the other day….. but I was having a bad day and I forgot to add the milk 🙁 Turned out better than I expected anyway. Do these meatballs freeze well? I’m thinking of making a big batch and then freezing them to store for a couple of months.

wiibaron says:

Don’t you need the tang of sour cream in the sauce?

Bsneed says:

Thank you , Chef John. These meatballs came out excellent. Everyone loved them! I couldn’t find find ligonberry so I substituted
cranberry and orange juice. Delicious!

Derp Otaku says:

These were REALLY good. Made these for dinner and it was just amazing, flavourful and filling. NICE!

Martin Jansson says:

Slurry, in this context, is called “smet” in Swedish. A word also spelled “smet” , but with a different tonal accent, means “to get away”. I have yet to meet someone with English as first language that have been able to learn Swedish tonality, except the actor who “sing” the Swedish chef “song” 😉

You never bake real Swedish meatballs, they are pan fried. There are different, but not so common, Swedish dishes were you bake them in an oven, but they are not called meatballs.

igoruberwald says:

Usually there’s also some cardamon in this recipe.

carlos blazos says:

okey i’ll admit it looks good but you got it wrong man, swedish meatballs are suppose to be made fast and easy, no fancy spices, salt pepper will suffice, well chopped oninons mix it roll it and for the lord of food don’t cook them in the oven they are supposed to go into the frying pan

goombakiwi says:


Elizabeth Larose says:

Really funny to read all the comments about the “real” recipe for sweedish meatballs. I’m French-Canadian and at Christmas, we all (well, mostly all) have “tourtière” as part of the menu, and, there are maybe as many “traditional” recipes as there are families… and all are genuine… So, I guess it’s probably the same in Sweeden with the meatballs recipes… The important is you find a recipe you like and actually make it. Thanks Chef John!

boot skatt says:

beef + pork = BORK

I’ve cracked the code

Silvo Centrih says:

The worst dish I’ve ever tried.

Dave McBroom says:

Yeah, The Swede’s always give you extra parts. They are good that way. It’s a mystery on how they’re gonna know which parts fell between the grates.

Isabel Zavoranu says:

I tried this and it is a really delicious recipe. Thanks so much.

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