Steamed Fish Recipe | Simple & Easy 20 min.

Here’s my simple recipe for cooking a flavorful Chinese Style Whole Steamed Fish. It takes less than 20 minutes to cook and it makes an impressive dish for Chinese New Year! ♥ Subscribe for more videos:

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– Pearl River Bridge Seasoned Soy Sauce for Seafood was used in this recipe. You can also substitue this for PRB Superior Light Soy Sauce, cane sugar, and a splash of rice wine.

This video recipe was sponsored by Pearl River Bridge:

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Mimi Jones says:

Hi Angel: Thank you for all the wonderful recipes. A suggestion: you may like to heat up some sesame oil and pour over the fish after the sauce. extra extra yummy smell.

Robert Curcio says:

Thanks for the aluminum foil tip to keep the plate up. Also thanks for the tip adding the ginger under the fish, and stuffing it inside the fish! I normally cut the green onions thinner. The meat under the cheek is so awesome. Thank you for the videos!

Jennifer Chiu says:

Angel!!! You are slaying these videos! ♥♥

Wendy Ding says:

LOVE steam fish !! =))

Ninja Blender says:

I liked the dress and subscribed

Clement Loh says:

recently discovered your channel through entertaining with beth btw. Loving your recipes, some of them even bring back childhood memories 🙂

mike hunt says:

Sorry! I don’t think Chinese women are attractive but she is. :s

cel moya says:

Tried it and it was a hit. My husband and daughter loved it. Thanks 🙂

Eric Lee says:

don’t waste the ‘fish juice’ on steaming plate after steaming! I pour it over the fish to moist the fish flesh before adding the extra garnish and sauce mix.

olivia lakte says:

hi Angel. I love your recipes. where can I find the particular Pearl River Bridge seasoned soy sauce for seafood? it looks like Amazon doesn’t sell it.

islandgirls says:

great recipe! tried it, was very delicious, and now has a permanent spot in our family recipe vault. tysm for sharing.

kim24aldrich says:

Looks good! Thanks for the recipe.

Tao Hua says:

Do I use a shorter steaming time when cooking fillets?


Love this video & dish! Gonna make it soon! Thank you 🙂

Bethzaida Vasquez says:

yummy recipe and lovely dress as always.

Holiday Chan says:

Scrumptious!!!! I made it tonight! Great recipe!

Spoon Fork Heart says:

Look delicious 🙂

Jamie Yeung says:

Hi Angel Wong! 😀 I found you through your collaboration with KawaiiSweetWorld with Rachel. 🙂 I find your videos really amazing! I don’t know if you have already made them or not, I can’t find the video but if possible I would really like to see how to make Siu Mai (sorry I don’t know the correct spelling) the little yellow wrapper steamed Dim Sum with pork inside and sometimes has a tiny red dot on the top. Thanks for making these fantastic cooking videos! 🙂


great job! I like it! Subscribe) Welcome!

郭序寧 says:

awesome! I’ll have to do this when I’ll move to Montreal. You should show how to make Taiwanese potato fries!

Allen Burbank says:

Looks soooo Good!!

Skylite85 says:

I followed this recipe for Christmas and my family loved it! If you don’t have an asian market near you, try Costco. I got two whole stripped bass (not frozen, cleaned, de-gutted, descaled) there. I ended up steaming the fish for 13 to 15 minutes. Thank you for posting these videos – I’ve made so many of your recipes!

Vincenzos Plate says:

Looks gorgeous. Love the way you cook

Sean SEAN says:

I can eat rice with the fish sauce all day. 🙂

Susana I. Gonzalez says:

looks so good! I just hope I can find the soy sauce

A Taste Of Korea says:

Is Halibut good

Rani Bean says:

Looks amazing! Thanks for the great tips to steam, can’t wait to try it! Also, cute dress! You need to start a fashion blog too 🙂

Jungkutie pabo says:

Looks delicious, espcially nice with some rice and ginger! 🙂

Kayla Leary says:

that looks so good! I’m going to try it out, unfortunately I live on a military base abd don’t have access to fresh fish so I will be using the bag fillets but I think it’ll still come out well.

Kayla Leary says:

I made this today it came out sooo well!

jjnnss20 says:

Love Chinese food! Please make a Chinese fried meehon video too! 🙂 Thank you

CL Yin says:

My grandma always make the sauce with soy sauce, oyster sauce, a little sesame oil and white pepper, have this at least 2 times a week in my house 🙂

mobaby1979 says:

I’ll have to make this – added to my faves. I love to cook, but would you believe I’ve never made a fish dish….other than battered and fried that is. This will be a nice change. Your dress is really pretty!!! Thanks for the instructions!!!

Andre H says:

Angel, you look so pretty on that dress and the steamed fish looks simple and delicious!

olivia lakte says:

Ok Angel, thanks.

Karuna Shetty says:

A pretty dish will do it in the near future… thanks…

Eva Liang says:

You honestly deserve way more views!!! <3

Corn Starch says:

Great recipe looks delicious! Would adding a crushed clove of garlic to the sauce overpower the dish, have you ever made it this way? Awesome dress by the way, very glamorous and super cute! I bet the sauce would be good over a deep fried fish also.

christmas9lights says:

Can you make soup dumplings

Bill Nilsen says:

I am going to try this! Thank you.

Lu lucoming says:


Mac B Bakes The Cakes says:

Amazing! 🙂

gonzalez076 says:


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