Special Fish Recipe || Bommidala Recipe || Fish Pulusu By My Grandma’s

Special Fish Recipe || Bommidala Recipe || Fish Pulusu By My Grandma’s


Leela Tharun says:

Its my great pleasure to see this Grandma cooking even at this age….. u r doing cooking so lovely and w lots of patience…. I too love cooking and its my passion. the recipe is so yummy looking and love u grandma…….. I really want to meet u at your next recipe preparations……..but don’t no whether this message will reach u r not…..where do u stay….I am from bangalore…..hatts off to your LOVELY COOKING procedure ,, in the field of nature….

Nomi Syed says:

Oh the joy of watching her cook and smile on the camera …. Love and respect all the way from Canada Grandma!!

winnie chilton says:

What kind fish.

Sayon Mukherjee says:

Salute this lady, that she is 105 and still so cheerful (y) love to her

Swetha Yadam says:

hi she is from which place in andhra

Terrible Gamer says:

so good

Sujatha Bangera says:

this is how south Indian granny’s are I think cute lovely & masoom

vivek kumar says:

Ohh god…. Her telugu is accent is so difficult for me to understand.. I have listen twice.. Hahah.. Funny guys. Drew me crazy with their Telugu accent.

He asked her.
Did you go to the school?
She replied:- No,, i didn’t go..
If i would have attended.. I would have distributed a lot of money.
After her marriage, she use to cook for her husband and everyone use to take care of him. Her uncle, Aunt etc.
She gave 11 Rupees as a dowry (0.16$) today.. The cost of an acre used to cost about 500 Rs, 300Rs, 100Rs.
I got married exactly.When i was 11 years old and our Weeding lasted for 5 days.
Abhiram, Yakub weren’t that handsome compared to my husband.
He was fair in complexion.
Last she said..
Come and eat something..
Don’t leave now…

Janelle Murphy says:

kiss,from Jamaica

Prerona Sen says:

at 3:49 I don’t know wat the granny is eating…but watching her eat makes me so happy

kmhtigger says:

and food looks good

Hament Pandit says:

I like cooking food and seeing these old methods will really help me… and her attitude towards life is commendable…and they are cooking eel ryt?

Sivakami S says:

Love u Granma – From Singapore

Saranya Dhanapalan says:

wat fish is tis

D Baskar says:

I like that grandma where are you grandma

Tex Rittenberg says:

The finished soup looked better than the the way it started out. I’d love to try it.

gogo jachat says:

whats that at 5:28 ?

TN Village Food says:


Sivakami S says:

If drumstick added to this fish curry will be yummy! This Fish curry shld hav been tasty!

madhu krishna says:

chala bagundi brothers mee videos chala bagunnai…

anil sharma says:


geeachcee m says:

if she married at 11 years of age How old was her Husband when he married her?????

Mano Billi says:

Love you amma from pakistan

Jasmin A says:

Thanks for a so beautiful video I’m relaxing when watching your video

Nath Reshika says:

can granny speak any other language like hindi. pliz make a video about her secret to long life.

Sneha ahluwalia says:

Love u amma .mwahh God bless u

Aruna K says:

I love u amamma mimmalni kalavalani vundi meedi ye village

kmhtigger says:

she is so precious


very good

Sujatha Bangera says:

she remembers me of my ajji she had the same attitude till the end

Renu saxena says:

No need

madhusmita p says:

which fish is this??

Heerah Youvraj says:

“Come and eat.. Don’t go without eating” that’s so sweet of her to care about others 🙂

gogo jachat says:

is this kerala ? and are those people poor ? , btw i love India and these people 😀

sasuskie yang says:

I don’t know the name of the other lady unfortunately. But I really love what she is wearing. It’s so bright and pretty. 🙂

karthi keyan says:

so sweet grand ma

Shafaat ali Rizvi says:

very good dadimaa appi hatoo se bana Hua khana dekane mito bahoot Achchi lagta hi par kabhi ayato zaroor zaroor khaoga dadi tum jiyo hazaroo saal yea himeri arzoo.

All Inside says:

Grandma – how old is she??

GeorgiaFamily SouthernStyle says:

What is the stuff yall mix with water and squeeze the juice out? Looked pretty good….take care guyz..

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