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Cookies, Marshmallows and Chocolate OH MY!
S’mores aren’t a ‘thing’ in Australia but THEY SHOULD BE! I’m on a campaign to educate my nation about the deliciousness of this tasty snack and today its in PIE form!

120g melted butter
1/2 cup sugar
500g crushed white cookies (graham crackers if you can get them!)
360g milk chocolate
MARSHMALLOWS!! As many as you can fit 🙂

Oven 350f / 175c
15mins for the base, 15 mins for the top!

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Liana Benavides Gril says:


Jackson Family says:

Mouth is watering

xx_panduni_xx says:

Are the marsmallows not conna be hard if you let them cool down? (I’m fron the netherlands so sorry for my bad english)

Harambe says:

I Am Gonna Make This Again But

Marshmallows And Chocolate Alternating

Abigailicecream 51 says:


Phương Lê says:

thank you, your sweet pie helped my sister get over her toughest time

Chikko Olivier says:

Iv never ate it ever

horiyo yusuf says:

Feel’s good

Jacob hall says:

how much butter

Leo Jolly says:

I thought I invented this.

Red Productions says:

can i use margarine

immithekitti says:

You can also use marie biscuits for smores

The_curly_baes1970 says:

You could use digestive biscuits if you get the, ?

Emerson Scott says:

Some people are not allowed to go on to websites so please can u tell us in the video or put it in the description box please!!!

Tyler Mellor says:

Omg thank you my cupcake addiction! I’m going on a school camping trip and we are doing a bake off and I’m definitely making this in my trangia.

Bae Sumile says:


chose jong says:

IF you like pie and smores this is AMAZING i made it and my family went crazy

real or fake finder Virgin90. says:

it looks so good but before i try it iam calling gordon ramsay

ilovefood132 yeah says:

Australia don’t have Graham crackers that must suck

Bethany Stones says:

do you cnow charcraftycthen

prabhu dorairaj says:

Wow that looks awesome!

Krystina Barber says:

My sister is having her birthday party soon which will all be outside where we’re going to watch movies in a huge field from a projector. I will definitely be making this for her.

Caitlin schneider says:

I’d add Oreos or Reese’s to the recipe. Or use Oreos for the base

Christ's Soldier says:

Here in India, marshmallows are expensive 🙁 And so the people who’d want to use them don’t buy them that often. And because of less demand, the supply’s less as well.

Janika Plantin says:

A no bake recipe is on Gemma Staffords’ channel and is way better s’more pie

The Donut Factory says:

loving that intro

Tiffany Opsata says:

So cool!

Laila Hackett says:

Is this Chanel over u haven’t uploaded lately plz say NO I love ur Chanel I’m also australian

Hannah's Storey says:

In England we use mcvites digestives x

Neryssa Bautista says:

Is there any alternative for oven? 🙁

Jiraiya Nightcore says:

would rich tea biscuits work well??

Lupe Godoy says:

I plan on making this tonight

AnimalLover#1 AnimalLover#1 says:

I love this I’m so gonna make it!!!!!!

Charmoné Britz says:

yo make a candy land cake


I like marshmallows

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