Shrimp Toast – Crispy Fried Shrimp Appetizer Recipe – How to Make Shrimp Toasts

Learn how to make a Shrimp Toast recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, more information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy, spicy Shrimp Toast recipe.


jolly jolly says:

So much innuendo! Trim before spread… lol. I refer waxed before spread but hey, trim is better than nothin right everybody?

Brandon Yarbrough says:

can I cook it in the oven?

Alex Zapata says:

oil bomb, no?

whateverlol93 says:

You talk like one of my teachers in the past, you have like a slight inclination of tone at the end of every sentence LMAO. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dhahaehaehaeheah says:

oh man i cant stand this dude talking.. but like videos so much.. what should i doooo

James Dooling says:

I’m designing a birthday dinner. I’ve watched this video three times; I think they’re going on a spinach salad for the first course. Wish me luck. Doing a dry-run of the recipe tonight.

Potato Sallad says:

You are the host of this toast

Saul Meyers says:

cayenne 2:25

Baz5658 says:

Chef John you are legend. I love your videos and sense of humour. One question please – what is that uber cool blender that you use?

Castle Moat says:

I enjoyed shrimp toast at Chinese restaurants in London but when I returned to small town USA could not get them here. Can’t wait to make these!

Goatman2117 says:

like the video, the way he talks is driving me crazy!!!!

MrTechselect says:

My food wish is a recipe for pasta puttanesca 🙂

BrDillz says:

Would this work ok if I (carefully) placed them in a deep fryer? Not that I can’t do it in a pan, but I already have fryers available that I don’t have to clean.

BSJOneEightyHalfSpinTigerLeap VingLongQua says:

Trim before you spread…. Oh my fuckin god…


Akil Parmar says:

Yes Fresh water chest nut is a thing..
We get that a lot in India in my city..

granifulano Roth says:

Chef, if you want fresh, use Jicama (Jerusalem artichoke). Works equally as well as water chestnuts, but BETTER!!

andrewt248 says:

I bet you’d do alright replacing the soy sauce with oyster sauce.

Alicia Ryann says:

This is delicious

Lilou Hono says:

Here in France we can buy already de-crusted bread

Yui Chan says:

#hongkongpride ♡ฅ(ᐤˊ꒳ฅˋᐤ♪)

SOOKND67 says:

wow they sounds so crunchy, I will try these soon♡

johnnieace45 says:

You lost me at the frying stage. Soaking up that oil into bread is not a good idea in my opinion

qhsperson says:

I have got to get a food processor.

Solja88 says:

Can it be baked instead of fried.

FlashV says:

with all that soy sauce how is the ansjovis still tastable. Im gonna make 20 of those and eat them as lunch 😀

Hernan Saez Reinoso says:

i dont thin you can even taste shrimp in that thing

Jai Thomas says:

Thanks for this recipe! I’ve always wondered what, exactly, Shrimp Toast was- lol. This looks delicious!

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