Seitan – Meat Substitute Recipe

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docoftheworld says:

Ladies, you are wonderful; suave, charming and elegant.
where can i find the spices that you used initially (including Masala and Tamarind pulp).
Thanks in advance. I wonder if there is an online place to buy it.

Pete Clayton says:

Great video – thanks.

Math Addit! says:

It’s rare to see a YouTube video of an Indian woman speaking in American accent.

Ambyr Kushnerov says:

Beautiful kitchen, beautiful women, beautiful food! Thank you!

William971 says:

i wanna bang both these lovely women

Alayna Jones says:

Hey! Can you freeze the Seitan? if so, for how long?

Unwilling Vegan says:

just made it, I turned on your video and followed along. so good! I’m so happy.
thank you. oh btw, the vwg doesn’t equal 2 cups. more like 1 1/2 cup. but I ajusted and kept going using my own spices.

gloorbit says:

My Dad fed us gluten “steaks” for years. He made them somehow from regular flour. There must be a process to extract the gluten from the flour. Dad’s gone now but I wished I’d watched him when he did this so I could do it today.

Mansimran Singh says:

can you buy vital gluten wheat in india?

devinder singh says:

Thank you for this awesome video.

PaulBodyBuilder says:

Use organic ancient flours. Spelt is good

Zenith Greyz says:

where do i buy satan? so it is like tofu?

Anthony S says:

Allah Akbar!!! Imma make this lol

Aida Strocovsky says:

You are great to watch, girls! Great recipes and great videos. Cheers from Winnipeg, Canada,

rsdave38 says:

This is the best seitan video everrrr! I am going to try this version and share your video with my vegan friends on FB.

Lisette Reeves says:

great video but I wouldn’t throw out the veggies. I’d use them in anotger recipe

Big Sweaty Lesbian says:

“Not to be confused with Satan.” Lol!!! That cracked me up.

Harbinger sev-oh-wohne says:

Thank youuuuu!!!!!!!!! 😀 Been looking for a good meat substitute recipe

Master Blackthorne says:

Yeah, I once made seitan hamburgers for my Fundie relatives. They wouldn’t eat them because they thought they were seitanic. I imagine the cowboys must be up in arms about this as vegetarians are suggesting we leave the cows alone. Well, if it keeps the lard out of our arteries, I say, HAIL SEITAN!

music music says:

i have gluten intolerance so no fake meat for me 🙁

Shaniqua Green says:

Omg That seitan must a taste amazing!

SuperModerngranny says:

Interesting! Don’t we have to wash out the starch till water runs clear? I have watched other Seitan making videos, but they always wash till the water runs clear, sometimes letting the ‘meat’ sit in the water before washing. Is that necessary? What does washing do and not do?

veilcerpintaxtless says:


Anne Friele says:

mine was more awesome bitches, what i mean to say is thx for the help. 😛

Rani Moore says:

I am so very excited that I found your videos I am vegan my name is Rani and I look so forward to trying all of your recipes

noooreally says:

is this gluten free…. jk jk dont kill me 😛

Adrian Barrass says:

Cannot wait to try this! Great video 😉

Crusty Tackleford says:

You two are looking great. Go vegan ladies!

Mr. Anti-Mosuquitos says:


Jess Gillis says:

This was great, and you two are so lovely. I’m totally trying this. Thanks 😀

Just curious if you did anything with the broth veggies? I always hate throwing them out but never know what else to do.

Ken Madine says:

I love how you inject so much fun into your demonstrations but still deliver them at a good pace

Garry Jo says:

amazing vid, gud work

Sharvani Shivaprasad says:

why does she say the word amazing so frequently?!?! lol

Gordon Pineo says:


emerica21321 says:

Fuck yeah. Satan!

Shirley Gonzalez says:


Iwonka K. says:

Oh my gosh you are both so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this recipe with me. I will make this today. I am home and my son is not feeling well so I will cook this and make the house smell and taste delicious 🙂

Lynn Demmings says:

I used your basic recipe with my own spices to make a French Canadian tourtiere. Thanks!

Nahid Daniel says:

I need to make this for my friend she has ceiliac desease how can i make it glutun free

Nadine Irmen says:

I am going to try this, it looks so good.

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