Scotch Eggs – Crispy Sausage-Wrapped Soft Cooked Egg – How to Make Scotch Eggs

How to make Scotch Eggs! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this Scotch Eggs recipe!


DieGo LouD says:


Amet45 says:

god dammit that final upwards intonation in every sentence is annoying as fuck

Melody says:

its like onigiri but kind of, reverse in a way

Enclave says:

I don’t know how traditional a hard yolk really is. Every pub I went to in the UK that I got scotch eggs at (which was a good number in the 7 months I was there) had it with a runny or molten yolk. Only time I got it with a hard yolk would be when I’d go to Tesco and grab a pre-made scotch egg in a package from the fridge.

What I really miss though is the pre-packaged Melton Mowbray pork pies that I’d buy at Tesco, I’ve not managed to find an acceptable analogue to those anywhere in Canada yet.

Mandy Olsen says:

you sound like someone famous…Seth rogen..? can’t quite put my finger on it

fall22123 says:

I’ve made these a few times but I baked them. I sprayed the with cooking spray before baking on a rack. Turkey sausage works well too

bollyking says:

It is called Nargisi Kofta.

rick giordano says:


Elliott H says:

the oil was too hot lol, the meat is still pink

Hayley Morris says:

my mouth is watering so much right now! !!



ShonHealth says:

LMBO scotch tape….

FOODGASM With Alessandro says:

Am wishing for some

Leberon Jamames says:

ooooooo ddaaaaaammmmm, says:

Could I cook it in the oven, rather than deep fry ? looks delicious !

maxtorm says:

“Anyway, let me go ahead and cook one right now, otherwise the end of this video is going to be very disappointing” Genius!

olstar18 says:

Reminds me of a sauce I use occasionally. Its a mixture of mayo with some dijon mustard and a little bit of lemon juice.

Thomas Woods says:

Omg. This is what I need right now! Looks so delicious.

Vernedi says:

Oh man, those looked fantastic! 😀
I’m definitely going to try them.

Jonathan Aronson says:

you waste a lot of water. you don’t need to run the tap and peel the eggs under the running water. You probably tossed a litre of perfectly good drinking water down the drain cooling and peeling the eggs. use less please.


fuck off

ffeellix is fine says:

wet hands make smooth balls.

enzoeclipsed says:

Yes, it’s called nargussi kofta, glad you mentioned that. that translates to narcissus meatball, named after the narcissus flower

bob dylan says:

hate the way you talk crazy annoying

brent clarke says:

OMG they look soo good.. Yum..

Marnosh Mikaeel says:

You dont know anything dude this is your 4th video on which i am correcting you dumb bald fuck
Its not indian its middle eastern ant not narsisis meatballs its called nargisi kofta which means nargisi meatballs and nargis is the name of a flower!
Do your research when you do a video

bernadine dias says:

looks delicious.

xelA ppaR says:

you can run egg shells through a garbage disposal? I always peel my eggs and throw the shells away but if I can run them under water when I peel them and let the shells fall into the drain of the sink that would make things much easier hehehe

halleffect1 says:

and the tape 🙂 this guy cracks me up

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