Only real mean eat meat. This is what I hear in the comments. Stay tuned for more live broadcast covering vegetarian, juicing, angle juicers, weight gain, weight loss, and more.

Wranglestar’s Juicing Recipes:

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Guyat theEnd says:

Cody , sounds like you need to look into the Ketogenic way of eating and have all the meat you want . never starving or low on energy . plus losing weight .

algonquin5484 says:

Thank you for sharing.

arkchanger says:

bRO DONT JUICE… eat whole grains, legumes, doesnt have to be straight forward raw vegetables or fruits, at least not in the begining, you can even cook your veggies… but DONT JUICE, you gona starrvveeeee BIG TIME

Jason Masching says:

I juiced for a while and bought a good low end. Loved seeing this juicer the way it runs didn’t a tube and not centrifugal drum. We don’t have animals for meat. Eggs and goat milk and Veg makes up more than 2/3 of what

reviews for the common man says:

god is my lord and savior

John Trunk says:

I’ve been watching your channel for nearly a year now. It’s interesting to me to see how you and your family and your channel have changed. It’s been neat to see growth in character and conviction. And please understand my next comment is not meant to anger or insue a big disscussion, but I think the title of “Modern Homesteader” is become more of a stretch. I understand that homesteading looks different for every person, and I don’t see anything wrong with your content. I pray God blesses you in what you feel called to do.

Edward Holmes says:

I never knew that you could get some much juice out of those vegetables, best of luck with the diet.

Beginning2013 says:

I did a great reboot with the FSAnd ND detox. Brilliant! After the first week of heachaches I felt awesome!!!

Dan Pettersen says:

Thinking of buying a juicer myself, but I just feel bad thinking about all the surplus fruit meat that i´ll have to compost instead of eating it.

Does anyone have any ideas on any beneficial uses?

kayla summting says:

wow, look at all the experts in the comment section!

Jacob Ghetty says:

I greatly enjoyed the video and feel more educated after watching it. I have learned about an awesome juicer that I never knew existed and I am impressed with the quality of it and how quite it operates at. I enjoyed hearing your analysis of how a device with these specifications can get more results out of the fruit/vegetables then other brands and thus save money, time, effort overall. I feel that this is important for a tool that your family plans to use multiple times a day for years. It was great to learn about the metal containers and juice recipe book too as I like to have options when purchasing and it helps to hear that you found ones that works well for your family. I am a meat and potatoes type of guy who is realizing I seriously need to make a change in my diet and videos like these are helping me to make the change. Many thanks.

josh greg says:

I don’t understand why people think that humans used to be vegan way back when scientists have opened up thousand years old ice preserved human stomach they had meat mushrooms and grains and the fact that we have teeth evolved to rip and chew meat even today. also chimps the animals scientists say we evolved from also eat meat in the form of insects like ants. and any vegan who wants to try and prove me wrong I issue you a challenge find an area 10km in diameter where you can find all the vitamins and minerals that you and a family of 5 can survive on for a year. I say every major country because humans lived all over the world at one point.

JronmanBuilds says:

does the pulp get eaten?

b ruff says:

I had a juicer for years but I sold it. In my opinion it’s a lot better to simply eat the fruits or vegetables rather than juicing them.

The best way to lose weight is to get divorced. Actually, don’t do it 😉

Harry Short says:

If you want to tell people about what you eat that’s what facebook is for

Brock Goodner says:

Great video keep it up.

Oleksandr Konstantynov says:

real man live in caves, so please follow)

Nick J says:

Just read in an arthritis magazine that study’s show that the difference between the organically grown fruits and vegetables is so minimal that there is no advantage to spending more money on the organic. It’s like the extra warranty at Best Buy, just another means of soaking the consumer. As for $1600.00 juicer, ARE YOU NUTS !! Cody, I can’t count the times I’ve heard you say to make do with what you have on hand to build somethings rather than go buy something, and you spend that kind of money on a kitchen appliance! Have you lost your mind. I wouldn’t spend that if I could afford it. ( I’m sure it also came with a couple of free oil changes for the car )

Vegan Warrior says:

Way to go! Maybe check out the movie Forks Over Knives for after you juice fast 🙂

aleks rivera says:

real men can eat vegetables and not gag lol

joel franco says:

Get the bullet n put ice , black berries , banana , strawberries and kale gives u a good energy boost I eat a lot of meat too so that’s how I usually get my fruits n stuff in been changing my diet for wildland firefighting training was dying on the hikes hahaha

art gammarino says:

vegaterian for 4 vegan for 1. I cant Imagine what a bypass tastes like. The 400 dollar a month medicine for the blood thinners so the stent will not clout. That might bite into your cholesteral medicine play money. I just made a bean beat and oatmeal that tastes better than any hamburger I ever had. Oh and the animals.We wont even go there. Lol I love it…..And I love animals and I have met amazing woman that are vegetarian that you dudes will never get next to.

1973mre says:

Hey Cody this video is been up a little bit now. Seriously been considering trying this. My health has been deteriorating over this last year and wanted a follow up on how well it’s working.

m0rallyb4nkrupt says:

You are using the wrong tool for the apples. Quite funny.

Yes, you can carve with an axe, but why would someone do so? 😛

Freeman says:

Well done Wranglerstar for even attempting a raw vegan diet – if you stick with it will reward you for your contrarian approach and courage although so many, who take this route, are subjected to thoughtless ridicule. When the results become apparent then your example will not only improve your own quality of life and your family’s but, potentially, all of your subscribers 😉 Thank you for setting this wonderful example.

TargetShooter145 says:

Seems like you have a solid plan Cody… and a solid, high quality, very expensive juicer! Best of luck Cody! I might try this myself, maybe not with a $1,650 juicer though.

Justin Gillette says:

just watched it and am kind of interested

Wranglerstar says:


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