RAINDROP CAKE Recipe Mizu Shingen Mochi – You Made What?!

Raindrop cake a.k.a. mizu shingen mochi is a lovely jelly dessert that looks like a giant wobbly raindrop. See how to make it and how it tastes on this episode of You Made What?! on Emmymade in Japan. New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday!

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Raindrop Cake – Mizu Shingen Mochi
1 g. agar agar
1 g. sugar
450 cc. water

Pizza Boy music courtesy of audionetwork.com and royalty-free Sprightly from iMovie. If you’re reading this you’re one of my favorites. Comment “Forget twerking. Look at my raindrop.” below. 🙂

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Wool Puppy says:

I think I’d like a watery tasting cake. Maybe with a bit of cucumber

Krista Johnson says:

I actually tried this recently it’s very floral tasting or the one I had was.

SmoKingPackRaT says:

such a nice lady

EclecticAnonymous says:

drop top

AKITA Francis says:

Here in South Africa mochi means girlfriend

Joan Gonzalez says:

( this is a bit late but) forget twerking. Look at my raindrop. Lol

Andy Cheung says:

A year on out, have you tried making this again?
Maybe with lychee fruit inside the jelly, and flavouring the jelly with the lychee syrup you find in the tins. Adding Hibiscus syrup and Snow Fungus on the side.

Sam Galiana-Arroyo says:


kawaii fox says:

that’s a breast inplant

CTB says:

Very interesring, but cake? Don’t think I would call it that lol

Skelebone says:

you make the greatest videos Emmy!

SWEET GIRL 21 cupcake says:


it's Sapphire Wolf says:

0:51  GUDETAMA!!!!!! 😀

MantisQueen9 says:

Seductive jazz music XD Very fitting

Sergio Molina says:

drop top

Jerry Stillfield says:

It looks like a boob implant.

Sandra Carter says:

big hero looking ass

miguel rojas says:

Forget twerking look at my raindrop

Jon Rogers says:

You should do ASMR

shrish vikram singh says:

ransif you a reads hxbgxs xtxv hsh

MarioTart says:

d r o p t o p

Lars Wölk says:


Jacob Saiz says:

Rain drop top drop

Samantha Lopez says:

hey emmy! Teach rob and Corrine how to do this!

The Average Joe says:

Forget twerking look at my raindrop

sable428 says:



Artik_Haze Gaming says:

Nice vid

Plati Numthreeninefive says:

I love how Emmy just laughs at random 🙂

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