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Super bowl Sunday is just a couple of weeks away and I thought it was a great time to share some awesome and fun foods for you to consider making when rooting for your favorite team. Even if your team didn’t make it to the Super bowl, it is always fun to celebrate with family and friends. Maybe you want to have an “anti-bowl” and not even watch the game. Just get together with friends, make some delicious food and share special time together making memories, football or no football!

Today I am sharing these delicious and simple puff pastry and sausage pinwheels. These are a throwback recipe to be sure, but they never go out of style! Delicious puff pastry from your grocer’s freezer case paired with cheesy sausage mixture all rolled up and baked together to make these amazing and irresistible delights.

These savory treats go together in a snap. Just give yourself enough time to be sure the puff pastry is thawed and ready to roll. You will also want to make your filling and allow it to sit for about 15 to 20 minutes before you roll it up in the pastry because you don’t ever want to put hot filling on puff pastry or it will be a greasy, non flaky mess in the end.

The filling is simply breakfast sausage, sauteed and drained with cream cheese and your favorite cheddar added, along with a selection of spices to boost the flavor even more! This is a definite party food that everyone will enjoy! I have taken these to parties and everyone loved them. Now you can bask in the accolades your friends will bestow upon you when you share these delicious swirls of cheesy goodness!

These bake up quick and are great to put on a snack buffet. These are best eaten within a couple of hours after they are prepared and this does not hold well in the refrigerator after they are baked. You will want to make these fresh and on demand for the best result.

You can, however freeze the sliced pinwheels before they are baked. I placed my slices on a baking sheet and covered them. Put them in the freezer until they were solid. Overnight is perfect. Then I removed them from the baking tray and put them in a zip top bag. You can pull out what you want and bake them a little higher and a little longer to make a perfect light lunch or after school snack or save them all to make for the day of the big game. Doing things like this in advance makes light work on the day of your party!

I hope you will give these puff pastry and sausage pinwheels a try and I hope you love them!

Happy Eating!

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Stacey Coates says:

Is there something I could use to substitute the cream cheese? Due to a food allergy we don’t buy cream cheese. But this sounds so good I want to try it!

Mama Peterson's house says:

Looks so yummy!

LyLy MoWa says:

Inspiring video. Might try a pizza flavor with pepperoni and toppings for the grand-kids. Or ham and cheese, or ground chicken and pesto, or, or, or… 🙂 tfs

katbalou ohi says:

🙂 he will eat these and go away.lol

Elizabeth Stallings says:

those looked good but do you ave to use the spices ?

Tess Cooks 4u says:

Noreen, Good morning. I have been doing house work for a couple of hours and I can really eat a couple of those with a cup of coffee. They look delicious! I’m hungry.

Imthebeachgirl says:

You are so funny, if you feed Rick, he will go away for awhile. He gets the best treats! Tfs, cheers, Laurie in Fl.

mary a - mo common preppers says:

I don’t think I better try this recipe, none would make it to the table because I would eat them all first!!! lol! 🙂

Christine Cortese says:

I am so going to make these! THANKS!

snookie65 says:

Those look heavenly! II have everything but the sharp cheddar. I see these being made when we have company over for game night. Yum!

Wendy K says:

Looks yummy! and I was thinking, maybe a little white gravy to dip them in.

Sandy Grogg says:


willydawgs says:

YUM. Do you think adding some scallion to the meat/cheese mixture would be a hit or miss? Would it be too oniony with the onion powder? I guess I need to experiment but don’t really have the budget to do it.

laceyest says:

I’ve never met a sausage I didn’t like. Oddly enough I’ve never used puff pastry. I’ve never seen it in the store. I’ll have to look extra hard next time I go grocery shopping.

Patricia Norton says:

I bought Pillsbury puff pastry in the fridge section at Hannaford supermarket 3 days ago. The other New England supermarket chain that carries it is Market Basket.

freebygrace18 says:


Bill Swindle says:

These look insanely yummy, Noreen. I’m a very novice chef. I was wondering about the puff pastry. Do you have a favorite brand? Is it labeled such at the grocery store? In the freezer section or where I can find the biscuits? Thanks!

Jeramy Johnson says:

love the idea I will definitely give them a try. Thank you!

marie Savino says:

Love love love these pinwheels! Thanks Noreen 🙂

Crochet says:

Thank you Noreen! It’s always nice to have something new (to our family) for an occasion. Something that everybody isn’t tired of seeing the same old, same old. I’m going to try these today since I happen to have the ingredients (except the super sharp grated cheese, which I can get in a couple hours when the store opens) on hand and if they are as good as they look, they’ll be on the superbowl menu. I’m sure they will as your recipes never disappoint.

Big Daddy & Bubbles says:

Love the recipe, looking for a printable version but don’t see it in the comments (it says here is the link but there is no link listed) thank you in advanced 🙂

Trace And Tulu says:

Oooooooh these will be a big hit with 5 kids I know!

MrsRedAng says:

They look wonderful !

rosas family says:

oh i have to try this

Traci Perdue says:

Oh Yummy!!! These r great, will have to try these on my kids and hubby. Thanks for sharing, Noreen. Have a good morning!!!

Bettylou says:

If you have never had Conecuh sausage from Alabama and can get it where you live it is so good, especially grilled with bar-be-que sauce Do you mind if we pin your recipes to our pinterest boards? I find it easier to find recipes I want to cook that way. My memory is short and I don’t always remember who made what when but I know I have a Board for recipes that sound delicious.

April M says:

These look amazing!! I’m giving these a try for breakfast one morning. Could you use bacon instead of sausage?

Hope Noneya says:

Noreen, any idea of a sub for puff pastry, the only brand in my grocery store is Pepperidge Farm, and I dislike the taste. Phyllo dough maybe, although I’ve never used it. Thanks for the recipe, and any guidance given.

lauri robbins says:

I only buy the block Cabot cheese and shred my own. It is just the best and they have won multiple awards for their cheeses. Do you grate yours with your food processor?

bamamubs says:

OMGosh, these look marvelous, Noreen! I wonder if these would freeze well if you baked off both pans from the start and just froze the extras already cooked? Thank for a great and easy recipe! MJ

BL Meyer says:

OMG I have to go to the store to get some sausage so I can make these TFS!!!!

kay maness says:

instead of spices in the sausage, can I use hot sausage? looks good I will be giving these a try. I like your recipes because they are simple that I can try and don’t have to look for some kind of spice or things I’ve never heard of and be looking for all over the grocery store.

Daisy says:

These look delish!! I make something similar to it, I use ground spicy italian sausage and chopped spinach.

K Kitchenmom says:

lovely recipe. love to make Puff Pinwheels for the Kids Luchbox with Ham but your version with the Sausage looks and sounds amazing.Will have to give it a go. thanks for sharing with us.

seflowe says:

Those look so so good.

Julia Perry says:

my family would inhale these! God bless and thank you!!!

Angela Creaven says:

husbands nosh ! love it !

michele salazar says:

I am so making these for super bowl. Like the idea I can make them ahead of time and freeze them. Do I need to thaw them out before baking?

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