Panna Cotta – Original authentic Italian recipe of this show stopper of a dessert! Panna Cotta

Originally thought to be from Piedmont in North Italy, this Panna Cotta is a show-stopper. See the full recipe below…..

Panna = Cream
Cotta = Cooked

Cooked CREAM, get it? That means you should not be using milk, half and half, or light cream in this recipe!

Makes 4-6 panna cottas


2 cups heavy cream (500ml, or 1 pint)
2 ½ tblsp sugar (45gr, or 1 ½ oz.)
1 vanilla pod
1 leaf of gelatine
1 tsp vanilla extract (not vanilla essence)
1 tbsp dark rum (optional)
2 x cups mixed berries


Soak gelatine in a little cold water until soft.
Grab a heavy based pot and add cream and sugar.
Split and scrape out vanilla pod. Add whole pod and vanilla extract.
Gently bring to the boil, then take off the heat.
Mix in gelatine until dissolved.
Mix in rum, then strain through a fine sieve.
Add to moulds and refrigerate (preferably overnight) until set.

To make the sauce

Add berries to small pot with 1 ½ tbsp sugar.
Cook on a low heat for 15 minutes.

To turn out Panna Cottas

Dip moulds in warm water for 5 seconds.
Gently turn out.
They may require a firm ‘jolt’ to release them from their moulds!
Serve with berry sauce.

Producer: Al Marczyk
Production: Al Marczyk and Alex Scott
Editing and motion graphics: Alex Scott

Music: ‘Strange Italian Song’ by Juanitos
No changes were made to this music track
Licence agreement:
© Copyright Al Marczyk


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Hooked on Sharing says:

Love how you directed the video 🙂

Bec Tomlinson says:

I made this and it was delicious! Thx for the recipe!

Monica Marquez says:

It’s a beautiful video, and look great! I’ll try it.

anton gosal says:

I love your video dud, but how many gram 1 leaf of gelatine ?? thanks

Tom Vollebregt says:

This is a great video! Which camera do you use?

Trixa Turmoil says:

The only problem with my recipe was that the gelatin leaf amount must be doubled to get the best result, or simply use the equivalent amount of gelatin powder, instead. Otherwise, it really is a show-stopper!

Natalia Aguero says:

hey! I have tried to make the same recipe but by adding the one leaf of gelatin it wasn’t enough, after 12 hours is still liquid :-(((((

Glade says:

very mafia! great video x

Laurie Vermillion says:

Oh MANnnn, your video style is HOT! ~ (northern Italiano, Valle d’ Aosta)

Kavitha s says:


Arn Arn says:

i just subscribe

Leonard Pasek says:

Love your presentation.

Smritika Panigrahi says:

if i use powder instead of leaf gelatine, how of the powder will i need?

Rick Ross says:

Damn that was Gangsta, Italian Style!

Mary Bushnell says:

homemade bread


wow!!!! Amazing video!!! I will definitely be trying this. Thanks for sharing….and omg that song!!! Everything of this video is ON POINT

Dave Fyffe says:

whats the speckles on the panna cotta? thanks… like your style

Kenya VDL says:

i love the video ,,thank you i will give it a try.

Mathew Abraham says:

very nice video !!!!

RaccoonBangBang says:

So how is this authentic if gelatin did not exist 300 years ago?

Thomas Minitsios says:

I like your style a lot but please don’t be a smug about the Italian authenticity thing. This is NOT the authentic Italian recipe. Rum <> Italian.

sebas forest says:

Great video and great recipe! Although i had to reboil and put a second sheet of gelatine for it to hold together. I even got to eat it all by myself, my girlfriend wouldn’t touch it when she saw the amount of cream!

PeytonSawyer236 says:

It’s like some old detective tv show opening lol, nice job!

Andriani Mareth says:

I love the video shot style, so cool<3

Sarita Khullar says:

slick, easy, cool…great video

MetalliTooL says:

Needs a bigger plate.

Nana' Does says:

can someone help me I’m not making this recipe until April 1st but I noticed the sugar content in this recipe is significantly lower than others on YouTube. He is using tablespoons and others are using 1/4 cups to 1/2 cups of sugar. Can someone let me know which option is better? I’m going to make a sweet strawberry sauce with it so I’m wondering if I should leave it with tablespoons or if I should add more sugar.

Sasha McNeil says:


seattwa says:

You shouldn’t add vanilla, or any other extract flavoring until you have removed the pot from the heat.

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