No Bake Dessert | 15 minute Fruit Tart Recipe | My Cupcake Addiction

I LOVE a ‘cheat dessert’ that LOOKS like it took hours but only takes minutes to prepare. Today I’m sharing my fave Summer Fruit Flan for when I’m short on time but still want an amazing dessert!

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fatima ambreen says:

i don’t have butter 🙁

Fezra Qistina says:

I want it!!

Karen Lee says:

its not a proper recipe, u dint tell the crushed cookies is how many grams, and u you also dint tell the gelatine is package? or box? plz make it more specific please

Marcia Bernard says:

alot.of butter

Kalaranee Selladurai says:

how many cookies would u need

Herbert ang says:

Can i use a choco milk instead a white milk ?

Mufaddal Merchant says:

how did u took the base out of d mould

mariam ahmedzein says:

you came to me.

Esther Naomi says:

i wanna to try this at home

shahrzad jaberi says:

Great and thanks

Black&White says:

Great 🙂
But girl, you can *T A L K!*

Fantasy Of Life says:

plz write ingridents name

Rosie Love says:

what you mix to the milk ma’am?

Try To Cook This says:

It looks so pretty!

Latika Mili says:

how did u take out the base from the mould..???

Mykid me says:

This is very easy thanks

Anita Lopez says:

what do you call the tray?

Emily Meyer says:

This looks amazing I wanna make it right now

比喩性ドクル says:

How instant, i must try

TheThornBird says:

What cookies is used in the video? I know she says it, but i cant hear it.

Janine Henschel says:

I don’t know if you are english or not but I need CUPS and for the butter cups ok I don’t have a clue what mg would be ? Also how many cups of graham crackers ?  how many cups of milk ? and we use square pudding boxes instead of bags, here, are you English ? thank you

Jus' Playin' says:


George Chidiac says:


Woody Woodlstein says:

who the hell wants no bake baked goods ? its like dry shampoo

Samia Ihab says:

you talk too much.

Raks Gupta says:

any other alternate of pudding mix. I m completey & strictly vegetarian.

Sweta's Easy Cooking Channel says:

Wow…amazing… Totally amazing!!!

Rose Rani says:

she speak too fast

Gurvinder Kaur says:

Can I use chocolate pudding mix

Lian Dale says:

her mouth wont stop, haha

Tejaswini Ragini Bhati says:

Very nice

El 32 says:

is she australian??

duke lol says:

ehm she spoke too fast .. can’t even write it down.

aqsa khanim says:

Fog p

Armino Lucas Randrup says:

great job I will try this one

Nancy Beth Cohen says:


عبدالله حمزه says:

جميله جدا

Huma Rizwan says:

how did u get the dessert out from the tart…?

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