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Safak Frank says:

thank you.. i will try this.

SynetricalPlayz says:

I butter the garlic

Moutushi Mustafa says:

please include the amount of ingredient.. I could not find it in the recipe link.. please..

Jakub Kołodziej says:

Super done!

Noor Gareh says:

Very good


Thank you for this recipe

Bob Carson says:

very good –MR. poor man I will cook to night—thank you very much

victor manuel ramirez pasillas says:

respect bro

JustARand0m Tchanelll1233 says:

this look fucking amazing

Just Queenin says:


Linda Nguyen says:

Hi Poor Man’s Gourmet Kitchen and Everyone!!!

When did you add in the 1/4 cup rice wine vinegar? And, if I want to add Hoisin sauce when should i add it in?

Thank You So Much I look forward to your reply and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family

Bob Carson says:

Can I have full ingredients list from my website!—Mongolian Beef —thank you–need it tonight I have friends coming over for Dinner

Jess Hernandez says:

loved it thanx!

Mae Kawari says:

is it ok to use just a normal beef?

maria sultana Monika says:

what is rice wine vinegar??is it regular vinegar??

Mahbub Munna says:

what did u add after soya-sos ????

Kaka Ali says:

fabulous man i love to watch skilled people

Fernando says:

That shit is spicey af

Tog Plosher says:

What is a beef chut?

Soprano Fan says:

looks lovely

Aminah Btuju says:

verry nice.

Kevin Grady says:

Thank you.

sundayonline says:


Eric Villamiel says:

Read your recipe and you have hoisin sauce and rice wine vinegar but in the video you never added those 2 ingredients. when do you add those 2 ingredients. Little confused.

Scott Anderson says:

looks great

Giverny Ives says:

Can you swop out the beef for pork?

Aaron says:

I’m gonna make that tonight!

Under taker says:

mongolian beef fries haha

Debbie Fisher says:


MrSISPUP says:

love the name “Poor mans gourmet kitchen” . I am a poor guy

seven one says:

I just tried it it’s amazing!!!

luelala says:

why didn’t you peel your ginger?

Jess Hernandez says:

just did hope to see more great ideas..

Ramona Wurm says:

great recipe! I subscribed!!!!!

frizbeee says:

So, made this tonite, followed recipe exactly, and t’was very very good. Better then the Carry-Out places I have used.
Will be a regular item in this moms kitchen. Thanks.

Under taker says:

but respect mongolians

No andno says:

I’m making this recipe for my whole family tonight but I’m putting it over cauliflower mash. Wish me luck!! Hope it turns out good!

RajaMCool says:

You can cook this in a crock pot right?

keller conley says:

Plant based vegans can do this recipe using soy curls instead of beef (follow directions on package) and omit the oil.

I'mDoneWithNYC says:

Made this and it was GREAT!!! I find it a lot easier to slice the beef thin after it’s partially frozen. 😉

Horatio Huffnagel says:

I HATE Mongoriansss!!!!! Knock down my shitty wall.

Jay Munee DIY says:

Yuuuum! trying this tonight

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