M&M COOKIE BARS – Easy Christmas desert recipe

These M&M Cookie bars are a perfect Christmas dessert recipe for kids & adults as a treat or party idea this holiday season.
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2 sticks – 220g butter
1 cup sugar
1 cup brown sugar
3 large eggs
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
3 cups of all-purpose flour
3/4 teaspoon of baking soda/bi-carb soda
3/4 teaspoon of salt
1 1/2 cups of Christmas M&M’s , plus more for topping
1 cup chocolate chips

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Screw Youtube says:

You sure are looking very fit and have lost so much weight!

Missy Anne says:

Sooooo many wonderful recipes. You are appreciated. ☺

Alanas Burdulis says:


WalnutTime says:

Lost so much weight! No keep it off!

bagel man says:


Anoeshka Premchand says:

Todd..great job. going to make 3 batches of these for kids christmasparty at school. but what is the size of your pan?

Michael Connolly says:

What is 1 cup in Grams?

Ladybug1225 Ronnie47 says:

they look so GOOD and DELICIOUS! thank you!

Alex Miller-Kelly says:

I’ve been watching you for a couple years, and watched some old videos before this as it was on my home page, your weight loss is amazing! You look awesome and great videos!

Snliner says:

Todd you look so healthy I remember watching you 2 years ago and making recipes. This one looks really good and imma give it a try soon!

Greg M. says:

Looks awesome Todd. I will make two dozen of em’.

HighlandYuki says:

would’ve liked to see you bite into one or kinda break a piece up so we see the texture a bit.

maggy caucoto velasquez says:

Hi Todd how much is 3/4 teaspoons I dont have them

Jamesy TheReDevil says:

look like you’ve lost 100lbs! well done bro.

the cm punk wwe undertaker 12335467 says:


TBNR_ Stephen2017 says:

That should be Halloween edition m and ms

Missy Anne says:

Sooooo many wonderful recipes. You are appreciated. ☺

LOA x Static says:

Did you say 40 minutes?

ohFUTURED says:

WELL DONE TODD!!! use to watch you 3 years ago at 4am when i had no snacks

Tammiegirl98 says:

lost so much weight!! great video will try this 🙂

Greg's Kitchen says:

This is a bar i’d like to get for chistmas mmmm

Sniper's Shot Gaming says:

The two people who disliked this video are diehard lunatics. Nice video Todd!

Cats and craft says:

Yummy i want to make that

ohdear5671 says:

I’m so hungry and watching this video doesn’t help 🙁

Smadar Israel says:

Tried it now and it’s sooo good. a little too sweet though. is it possible to reduce sugar but keep the density?

One Kitchen - A Thousand Ideas says:

They look so good Todd!

Todd's Kitchen says:

*Watch all my Delicious Christmas recipes:* https://goo.gl/OMykPG

*Merchandise Store:* http://toddskitchen.com/
*Facebook:* https://www.facebook.com/toddskitchen
*Instagram:* http://instagram.com/toddm007
*Pinterest:* https://pinterest.com/toddskitchen/
*Twitter:* https://twitter.com/SimpleEasyCook

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