Mediterranean Fish Recipe – Inspired by Cook With April

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Kevin Powton says:

Unbelievable to hear guys complaining about what she’s wearing, 10/10 in my opinion

pom11pom says:

This recipe looks so good. I’m going to buy ingredients and make it this weekend. As for the comments from what I assume are horny teenage boys, ignore them. You look great. Wear what you want and just keep cooking delicious food. Boys – they’re just boobs. And why are you all so interested in cooking fish? How did they find this channel?

Joe throgmartin says:

The most outstanding and unique thing I can see in this video about this woman peticularly is what a good cook she is and what a tasty looking dish she’s making……comments anyone?

silkfire says:

She reminds me of Maeve (Thandie Newton) from Westworld

ssrrapper says:

She would make a great junior high school Home Ec teacher with that outfit.

Mark Mazer says:

You can cook for me anytime April,….May, June, July

N W says:

Her outfit looks more like lingerie/nightwear.

Scuba Mike says:

I would watch her all day, and OMG she can cook!!! thumbs up

gargois1 says:

I actually just clicked here for the boobs.

chef rk ravi says:

chef,,,,nice look in your uniform, ,,so hot and sexy,,,,, same in night ,,,,,wow,,,boobs

Francisco Rojas says:

This is like watching porn but better

N W says:

I lose respect for women who flaunt their breasts for attention! You’re here to COOK ffs! So put your breasts away! There’s a time and a place for these things and it’s NOT on a cooking channel. Attention seeker!!!

redfingers pitta says:

focus children

t3b0g0 says:

just flagged this for false advertising. boobs look way bigger in the thumbnail

Andrew Lunde says:

Oh lord she’s hot

John Philip says:

The Cleavage, the Recipe, the energy is quick fun and fantastic. Its delicious combination.

я says:

The thumbnail trapped me

Anthony Williams says:

wasn’t she suppose to cook somethin???

joyjoyoo says:

Ugh. Don’t follow Aprils recipe.

DrtyBrd5.0 says:

Looks like she just finished a porn vid, and went into the kitchen and started cooking … ( • ) ( • )

John Smith says:

Don’t fucking use canola oil

jayender mehar says:

You Looking HOT more then your fish ….

Mark Mazer says:

Whoops, you’re Diane and so am I.

cedrick kaytu says:

Another Giatta with f up prononcation w big boob display. She talks way too fcn much. Just stfup women. You suck

AR_MO TV says:

I was only looking at her boobs

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