Meat Sauce Recipe – Pasta Sauce – Sunday Sauce – Red Sauce

Learn how to make a Meat Sauce Recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Meat Sauce Recipe!

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Andrew Forrest says:

Is there any danger of meat bones hiding in the sauce? I feel like that might be a rude awakening for any potential meat-lovers.

Matt Conti says:

Chef John, My dad always says you have to brown tomato paste before you add liquid to the pot. Do you have any thoughts about this? He insists it’s what his Sicilian mother does. 

Greyswindir says:

Eh…This is the first time I really didn’t like what I saw John. I’m an American-Sicilian and grew up eating Sunday sauce (not called gravy from where I’m from) and this isn’t how we do it. Don’t get me wrong, if it tastes good and you like it, more power to you, but it doesn’t jive with what I grew up eating. We used sausage and meatballs in the sauce, sometimes my dad would throw in a some pork chops or a piece of leftover London broil, etc. but generally it was always sausage and meatballs. The other meats were contingent on if there were any leftovers.

We also used dried herbs most of the time like Oregano and Basil, along with red pepper flakes, salt and pepper and a few bay leaves. I got my father to start adding fresh parsley as he got older and some torn up fresh basil leaves at the very end of the cooking process (usually about 2-3 hours) but I still use the dried herbs as the base. I doubt Italians in Italy do it like our family (apparently Oregano only goes on pizza in Italy, supposedly anyway) but we’re American Italians and made do with what we could get or make in America.

Also, we never, and I mean never, ever added any salt to our sauce. It just never needed it. And we always scraped the sides of the pot to mix in the condensed sauce that dries out on the sides. It gives it more depth like the tomato paste does.

Love your videos man.

Jory F says:

I love this channel


This is such a great recipe, I use it all the time and add a good red wine to it. I also give it to all my friends and they love it. It’s fast, easy and sooooooo tasty.  Thanks Chef John, as I’m Italian and love my gravy, but I’m addicted to yours. 🙂

Bruh Frog says:

you are pretty funny chef John. Subbed.

800lb Gorilla says:

Finish it with chopped basil!

fismajmuni says:

You never talk about meat club! 😀

Julie M says:

“It’s never too late to become an Italian grandmother” HA! Love it!

Jenn L Philips says:

I have made this sauce.. OMG it is so delicious!!! As always, the left overs are even better!

krakhaid says:

By the way, a delicious application for this sauce, and the leftover meat, is to fish out all the meat, and chop it up, and ladle over some sauce, spoon it onto a hoagie with some mozzarella, toast in the oven, and you have yourselves one of the best sub sandwiches you’ve ever eaten.

Whenever I make this, I make an enormous pot of it, and separate it out into little tupperware containers, and freeze it, so I can have this delicious sauce ready to go all the time.

Guitar In Your Home says:

“meat sauce club”! 😀 chef is on fire here! 😀

Justin Wong says:

WHaddup a meat SAAAAUUUCE.

Tried this recipe out and its amazing! 😀 Def a keeper!

daisy3690 says:

mmm again

edjucat says:

Oooh, my Lord in Heaven, that looks so good! What a fabulous meal.

RandMan14 says:

Hey! There’s lumps in my gravy!

Andre Arcane says:

People will think you’re a made man lmao

Jim Dowell says:

My Goode chef John. I love your videos and have watched every one. Yes, every one. I am the Alan Moore of your watchmen. I know a little obscure but delightful nonetheless. I love San marzano tomatoes but can I find already crushed version? Thank you so so much! Made your chicken with green onion Chipotle gravy tonight. It was a hit for at least a double or a triple on error 😀

thatguy011071 says:

My wife had made a few of your recipes so far and every single one has been delish. Thank you

greenlizardballs says:




this guy is the freakin beast master

Nick Blake says:


magtownrep says:

I’m thinking about throwing a parm rind into the mix. It couldn’t hurt right? I’m torn though because I don’t know how much of a difference it would make in this recipe with all the flavor thats already going on. It might be more worthwhile to save my parm rinds for stock maybe? Question mark?

kylelandry says:

I’ll never get sick of silly chef John jokes!

MrStensnask says:

You should incorporate more subtle “cooking sounds” in your videos. I think it draws people more into your videos when you get to hear food sizzling and stews boiling because they’re such delicious and soul warming sounds 🙂

Michael Colera says:

As said, you are the boss of your own sauce… in addition to a little fresh basil, I use beef broth instead of water, I throw in an anchovy or two when when cooking the onions and as my Nana said “what is a sugo without a bay leaf?”… and don’t forget the meatballs….

machia0705 says:

In NJ, we say “gravy” and the term pasta is considered “yuppie / Hollywood”. Everything is macaroni !  lol 
Sauce is any red sauce without meat. Try a little lamb, and a pinch of sugar. Don’t forget the meatballs…..You sound like a great cook !  Excellent presentation, thank you.

James Hetfield says:

I lost my sh*t with the sausage part . This guy should produce movies

tidy kun says:

You’re so smart and good looking chef John.

Fady Issa says:

I love it man y the best and I can’t wait to make it great job

Gigi Migi says:


IamanOldLighthouse says:

no garlic; no chicken, no parsley, no black pepper! and it should be thick! and we do serve them together! Enjoy!



Danny Wolf says:

It looks like a pile of organs but I still want to eat it

André LeBeau says:

You are the Rick Ross of your meat sauce…

Guitar In Your Home says:

“the shape of a meat butterfly” !!! 😀 you crack me up Chef John! 😀

dlc1119 says:

I just pulled out a package of sausage, another of hamburg and some pork chops that have been in the freezer a while. Cooking tomorrow night! I like basil and oregano in my spaghetti sauces. My mother always added a bay leaf, so…

MusingsofaJay♡ says:

I love how we can always count on Foodwishes commenters to be civil and respectful and encouraging 🙂 Also, love your videos chef!

Carlisle says:

Thanks Chef.

theperksofbeingnakitha says:

im here from SassEsnacks (:

My Moor says:

why simmer uncover?

Sarahmi says:

I liked the Fight Club quote ;D

Léo Fortin says:

i do not recognize your voice…

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