Meat Lover’s Deep Dish Pizza Recipe!

On this video, I’ll show you how to make a delicious deep dish pizza on the grill!
Deep Dish Pizza Dough Recipe:
Sauce Recipe:
Island Grill Stone:

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Peter Chapman says:

Love the recipe my friend! It looks great. Can i just ask..
When doing a Pizza in a skillet like that, how does the dough turn out? More like a quiche or softer like regular pizza crust? Also, can this be done in the oven? Thanks!

The Lean King says:

Can you make this in the oven

AAA OB says:

nice channel keep going 🙂

ThoseWhoStayUofM says:

btw, I hate your intro. It’s too long and it serves no purpose. It should be 2 seconds long… 3 seconds max. Anything longer and you’re just better off not having an intro at all. For the record, your intro is a 14 second long animation that simply says “Ballistic BBQ”. That’s asinine.

EDIT: I just went to your most recent video to tell you to shorten your intro and you already did, exactly 2 seconds lol. Nice…

EDIT2: You should mash the sausage together to make an even layer. Nobody wants big, uneven, balls of sausage in their Chicago style deep dish! You also didn’t use Mozzarella for this pizza. How do you live with yourself?!!! lol, jk.

Twisted Heart says:

Can’t wait to try this! I love all you’re recipes <3

Joe Pierson says:

Hey, just catching up on some older episodes during an east coast tropical storm. I went all the way to the beginning of the comments but cannot seem to find the deep dish pizza dough recipe. Can you send the link? It doesn’t appear on your video. Great show by the way.

Bk94541 says:


Anatoly molatchenko says:

i like. keep doing it

TheGreatRuckus says:

This looks amazing

Anthony Andrews says:

Thanks a ton for this! I made this last week, though I did it in the oven with a sauce from Food Wishes. It turned out great! I do have a question, as I’m not a bread expert. How long can the dough be preserved in the fridge once combined? And when can it go in the fridge for preservation? After it is combined or after the 6 hour rise time?

I’d like to know so I can make dough ahead of time and maybe freeze or just refrigerate for the weekend.

GermanSniperBayArea says:

wow, that crust came out perfect! very impressive

Jeff Kelly says:

Why did you touch me that way? I said ‘no’ but you continued.

Airbrushing Tips says:

NIce! It definitely looks like a Gino’s pie.

xX_AceHunter_Xx says:

Nice work man!

Araphael Aponte says:

I’m from Chicago, Born and raised, Absolutely Perfect…….

hans says:

I could tell it was California just from the foliage.

Rick Schultze says:

Looked like a Lou Malnatti’s to me…Excellent video…Defiantly gonna try it here….Probably in the oven at 450….Nice work and keep on making the vid’s…

Roger Kreil says:

It looks good!  😀  If you want to make Deep Dish Pizza at home, that’s fine.  But would you want people ordering Deep Dish Pizza if you had to wash and sanitize all of the pizza pans?  It’s not fun.

Andrew D says:

I  don’t know what the heck you called Canadian bacon, but please don’t insult Canadian Bacon like that again. If you need to experience true Canadian bacon please come visit us for a vacation, I promise you’d enjoy your trip and while you’re in bacon heaven I also highly recommend indulging in some Canadian cheeses.

Charlie ILY says:

Looks soooooo good

Max Que says:

Looks absolutely delicious, you have a new sub, sir

Krystal Bullard says:

I want to make it but what about in the oven? will that work as well

Сергей Плотников says:


Brad Hamilton says:

Chicago’s got nothin on ya, damn that looks gooooood.

Ayana Weaver says:

looks amazing!!!

straxx99 says:

Boiled meat, why not start with the tomato sauce over the dow and then cheese (a lot) and finally the meat,
and don’t use ready-made sausages make your oven spiced meat it it tastes better and are cheaper and you know the ingredients,
this how i make deep pan pizza i like to see the meat over the cheese.

South from Texas says:

South Texas loves it great job

Andy Kerr says:

next time, i would recommend putting the romano on after its cooked. it doesnt take much heat to destroy the flavor of hard cheeses

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