Meat and Potato Grub recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

Any good woman knows, feed a man a big bowl of bacon cheeseburger grub and then all is good! Check out this classic BBQ Pit Boys meat and mashed potatoes, loaded with chuck beef, bacon, cheese, and grill baked mashed potatoes. Oh, baby…! To print out this barbecue recipe and 100’s more check out our Website

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Luis Alberto Pinto Sanchez says:

Damn I love you guys, you know how to live! :)))

Josue Aguilar says:

you guys are evil for eating that amazingly orgasmic food infrnt of me like that… may God have mercy on your soul!

pientje2007 says:

In the Netherlands we could call this stamppot, but instead of meat we use vegetables 🙂

rideswithscissors says:

No parsley garnish? Jeez!

R Jensen says:

Here’s what I don’t get..58 people didn’t like this??!!..Damn vegetarians

John Bankhead says:

This has to be my favorite video of you guys. This looks so good.

James Maloney says:

Simple yet delicious.

ZeliardFTW says:

If they are good enough to eat all ready, Lets see it! Raw Minced beef eatting hype. Put your money where your mouth is HAHA 2:34 DARE YOU!

Nobrain Mario says:

god damm i want live as these guys

WorthyofJustice says:

This is epic. Nice work!

moonlighter6 says:

A Man’s meal. Bread ain’t screwing it up or even included. A squirt of ketchup and Sriracha on top, and I’m good.

wolf lock says:


chris pollard says:

Dang..that looks guuud…not quite sure why you needed to chop it up and mix it up like that tho…I would have spread the potato out on the plate and placed the whole burger on top…same result..guuud.:-)

Paula Banáné says:

Fantasztikusan jó és gusztusos !!! Köszönöm szépen !!!

Tomnickles says:

That one patty didn’t get cheese or bacon. It was a sad patty.

redimixofmd says:

Awesome food porn!

maconsumner says:

OMG!!!! You threw away all those tater skins!!!!  NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! put them face down on the grill for a few then turn them over and put a pat of butter in them and let it melt real good!!!!  Take them off and put chives, bacon, cheese, sour cream or whatever you want in them!!!!!  They are awesome!!!!

Ronda Goodlet says:

Love your music in the back drop! While I have never tried to promote this… My Son is an amazing and well known Artist both in the sates and all over Europe. He is Blues with a touch of classic old Rock. Has been featured on Breaking Bad series and so much more. He would be able to lend a really great addition to your style of cooking videos. He is also a Chef! check him out “Left Lane Cruiser” Just sayin! From a proud Momma! He is the Guitars and Vocals of the music played ! Joe Evans

peyoyo says:

it’s 1:50 a.m. and I’m hungry ass he’ll

Marianne Davila says:

hahha gonna feed this to my fam!

Agent Bill Wilson says:

those burgers were so beautiful they make me cry, i want it to be summer already!

paul van biljon says:

Man… that Voice just makes me wanna start my fire right now. Good show. Good food good meat. Good god lets eat

Stone Saathoff says:

hey, you forgot the PITMASTER PRIVELEGE

Andy Cyr says:

definitely a thumbs up to this video, you guys are the best. Your food has made me hungry every single night for the past year LOL I would enjoy the experience of hanging out with you guys at least for 1 hour let alone a weekend I really want to know where you guys are at? Keep up the great work! Keep cooking great food 🙂

Ronda Goodlet says:

Really Liked your combo of cheese to this awesome burger!

Andy T says:

Not sure I understand the hate for the potato skins throwing them on the ground like that. I would have mixed them in

john smith says:

A cottage pie?.

Ville John says:

you can be a radio commentator.

Steven Huang says:

so many food. Only two people ?

8Prejudice says:

can u um good sirs send those 2 leftover the grill ?, cant eat meat properly 🙁 no chance

t rex says:

BBQ Pit Boys thank you very much for the torture.
This is incredible

pieguy302590 says:

I guarentee if you look in the dictionary, the definition of food porn is “Meat and potato grub recipe by the BBQ Pit boys”. Love the show. because of yall i now have stockpiles of SPG and use it religiously. keep it up over at the Pit.

Joanna Miller says:


hellogoodbye219 says:

I would’ve drown that bitch in brown mushroom gravy.

Ronda Goodlet says:

Trully I could watch your recipe Demos all day long but for my cooking them as I see them!!! So Instead I watch them in the evening hrs and you keep me coming back for more. Thanks again for another wonderfully inspired meal on the Pit!!!

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