MAKE KOTLET – Russian meat cutlets recipe

Make meat kotlet with secret ingredient.
PS: It’s mayonez.


End music:
Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem

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shower boys says:

true man dont eat helmans mayonesa blin they eat mayonese wich costs 1.66 and with eggyogg inside

lukas akerlund says:

When will “Frying butter Zoom” effect be available for use on sony vegas?

ThePro271999 says:

in Bulgaria this are called kiufteta

Maciej Russer says:

Does anyone else actually cook it and isn’t here only for the comedy?

peerfunk says:

funny how many recepies are spread over whole europe and russia 😛

Sergiu Gabriel says:

Well..I love well salted and peppered food, onions, garlic, mayonez so..I guess I would like the food he cooks. I will definetly try the chebureki as they look real good.

Péter Szöllősi says:

I’m not trying to be a smart ass, but don’t use butter with vegtable oil, infact, dont use any annimal fat with vegtable oil, because it’ll make carcinogens, because vegtable oil gets hot enough to burn animal fat. You should just use more FAT AND BUTTER!!! (side note, you can fry meat with vegtable oil, you wont die (((instantly))))

exeuroweenie says:

I only had Viking power to knead into these,but they still turned out great.

ZeSquirrel says:

I’ll be making this on my date! Thank you comrade!

curecursed2 says:

he is high-educated gopnik and… cooking better than my girlfriend.

Danny Cu Camera says:

in romania we make kotlet too, but its called kiftele

Viktor Kovacs says:

I tried this recipe today and it tasted just like my Grandma used to make, so I would like to thank you for making me remember this great woman who is sadly no longer with us.

Khazakiller says:

I ate katlet before watching this

Mikolaj Klimczuk says:

next time try adding some of the mayo inside with the raw meat mix before molding into shape tastes even more slav and more delicious <3

UndeadAquarius says:

i play this drinking game every time i watch a video from you. every time you show some alcohol i take 3 chugs from my bottle of vodka. i love your videos.

Yasimo Bg says:

wtf what is this drink???where is kompot??

P_quack Crafter says:

Я попробовал его у себя дома, это был Су хорошо!

Mišo Jebač says:

užičko kolo

Everett Guenther says:

Hmmmm? Today is Wednesday. Maybe I make Kotlet.

Lithuanian Longboarders says:

he is from poland because of the majo when u stop on the majo u can see some words in polish

Tuan Cuong Pham says:

i got banned from making this blyat

gozzkesshell says:

Where is pureshka blyat?!
Kotlyety without pureshka is a waste of time

Ugur Uflaz says:

I don’t know why but I just love these videos. Maybe it’s time introduce slav cuisine to my family

Artemko19 says:

Жаль не ко всем роликам русские субтитры есть.

Hermann Fegelein says:

I’m eating it right now. It’s delicious !

Dato Smith says:

But boris i thought liquid slaveness was vodka??

Jon Springer says:

Actually watched this on Wednesday, which happens to be today.

Андрей Солдатенков says:

За “Старый Мельник светлое” – всегда лайки)

High Constable says:

This stuff is actually pretty good. I used 100% beef and it was glorious.

Name Namesson says:

UZICKO KOLO in the background 😀 I knew you had some Serb slav in you.

Samuel Lacey says:

What bread should I use? Is different bread good for different kinds of Kotlet? Like Sourdough has a different taste and makes a different Kotlet than Potato bread or Whole Wheat?

OctaviaThePone says:

I need to know what’s the background music ?

Вся Суть says:

Спасиба мой slav комрад, показала рецепт моему slav ambal, он знатных kotlet’ок настряпал, мы ими западношпионские бургеры нашпиговали, жрали аки капиталистические империалисты.

Tristan W says:

I like your Kitchen

fuckgoogleanditscrap says:

that music right on start, what is it?

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