Make Delicious Taco Meat and Filling – AN AMAZINGLY SIMPLE RECIPE

Here is a simple and quick recipe for making taco meat and filling, that will leave you wanting more. It’s very simple and does not come out of a bag. Just some simple spices and your skill. YUM!

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Brandon Eldridge says:

I just wanted to say I tried making this recipe. I forgot to grab seasoning from Krogers, and let me just say I am glad I did!!!!  First of all, it is very easy to make. Second, it made the apartment smell amazing. My roommate walked in and could not get away from how good it smelled. Thank you for posting this!!!

Gloryyboy rue says:

look nasty af u put water

r3conwoo says:

What do you do after you put it in the bowl?

sorealcurves says:

I adore you for this video. I’m pregnant and have been hunting for a recipe that didn’t have prepackaged seasoning. thank you

For Us Foodies says:

Its just a simple WOK. Try bed bath and beyond

Wowcaldinex says:

can i substitute anything else for the onions? my dad is allergic to them

Joseph Meastas says:

thank you so much. Shaping the minds of young college students who never cook LOL

olskoolnewpaint says:

So is this “to serve men” thing a channel meant for all the women who have abandoned their cooking responsibilities for the men in their life ? If so, excellent. Women, especially stay at home moms have become lazy pigs. Preach to these cows ! <3 I cook for my man (who works and puts bread on the table for me and our boys) and I see these new age "housewives" microwaving a frozen meal for the person who slaves 60 hours a week to keep a roof over their head. Times have changed and we need a serious reboot. Love from South Florida <3

Felicia Marrelli says:

if you use ground turkey meat this recipe is awesome

William Thomas says:

It does taste 100x better if you cook the meat until brown with the onions then you strain the grease as well as possible, thennnn you add the seasonings and water (2/3 cup), bring that up almost to a boil then bring to a simmer for another 5 minutes or so until most of the water has evaporated out. 

George Jung says:

+To Serve Men thanks! the pot is awesome loving it haha

sisa baliw says:


GunsHarleysUSA says:

The fat should’ve been drained and there is way to much liquid in the meat mixture. Not a good recipe!!

Mary Vee says:

I make my own taco seasoning too. I also add garlic powder, adobo and paprika. The garlic powder is a must.

Hafsa Abshir says:

What happens if I don’t want to drain the water?

Nolan Pratt says:

This is a great recipe!

Potent says:

im drunk and making tacos…yup gonna be great.

Stephen Webb says:

I wouldn’t add water. It’s unnecessary and can dry out the meat

Karl Schneider says:

It probably tastes yummy but it really needs to be drier…too much juice in that wok

Melissa Smithe says:


D Lane Taylor says:

Before adding ground beef add Jalapeno!

Cody Dalton says:

awesome vid bud

Chubz16 says:

Great recipe,much better than using the seasoning out of the packet.i also added in half a can of tomatos and a table spoon of oregano

Nikki Jones says:

About 6 ingredients missing. Cave man nonsense.

For Us Foodies says:

Sounds yummy

Zaphod Trillian says:


Roj Perez says:

Good day mate! i just want to clarify the 2nd spice you put after 2 tea spoon of chili powder. How do you spell it? i guess never heard that before in our country. hehe by the thanks for your very useful info. Hope for more videos thanks! . God bless

Sleepy Lovee says:

I thought u weren’t suppose to add oil when u cook beef because beef itself lets out a lot of grease ?

Joey's BANANA & MAYO Sandwich REVIEW says:

how much water?

Megan Studded says:

Very nice

Sen 千 says:

I tried making these, substituted garlic for the onions, and didn’t have any cumin. I have to say, it tasted good. Has a burning aftertaste due to the pepper, but strangely addicting.

CallMeFreakFujiko says:

Oh. Well don’t I feel dumb. Every time I made tacos, the meat was kind of dry and crunchy. Maybe it had something to do with how paranoid I am when I’m cooking meat, but… Wow.
…Also, nice username.

George Jung says:

were did you buy that pot

Christine Lucero says:

whats next after the chili powder ?

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