Magical ice droplet vanilla panna cotta recipe :
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This week we have a special guest Mike Belcher ( ) from the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre ( ) showing us How to make an ice droplet with vanilla bean panna cotta with isomalt disc and mango sphere or spherical.

This video was supported by Screen Australia and Youtube through the Skip Ahead Initiative.

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Cookinitmax says:

Very nice!!
I made a bird basket out of Chocolate and candied nuts wrap around a ballon put in freezer then take out then added mouse and topped a white chocolate mouse egg and a chocolate feather

Meow Meow says:

Can you do a cake all about Harry Potter plz

Rihanna Jenkins says:

its tasty I ate one yum

Madda mn says:

real panna cotta is made with eggs and without gelatine and baked for some hours. I know, I’m italian.

Dasha says:

црфе вщ г гыу ещ увше

live your own style fan !! says:

you must also try Indian deserts

Paul Dunn says:

you earned sub from me cos you are interested to do something like this clip and i love artist project too

Caroline Barr says:

This is amazing! One question though, what is isomalt?

peepslostsheep says:

“Everybody has the potential to be creative.”
Some people lack imagination, I wonder if they lack creativity.

Patsy Kiniry says:

i can’t be the only one who thought the mango sphere was an egg yolk lmao

harkeb says:

way to complicated and pretentious for a mini dessert with basic flavours.

sim al says:

i have a question for you as i follow most of your videos does vanilla bean have anything to do with alchohol ? im only just learning of your channels

Ramaria Shelton says:

the mango thing looks like a egg yoke

Les. C says:

beautiful inside and out yum yum 😀

Malena Barrington says:

lol nowdays most people are never bored cuz we have youtube

Eva Pfaff says:

So I tried your recipe and first of all it tasted amazing, I just had a bit of a problem with the clodding of the sodium. And how do you manage to get the frozen Mongo spheres out of the sodium bath? in my case the gelly layer just slipped off the frozen sphere when I tried taking ot out of the water.
thanks for that amazing video

28SeSe82 says:

Okay so the drop is actually ice? Why doesn’t it melt? Or did I misunderstand anything?


you are so cute

Gina McIrish says:

Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty – Albert Einstein
Read more about it at Truthcontest ◦ com.

gtfra says:

Nothing new. pannacotta and sphericals are so 2003

Jagathess Limited Edition says:

can you show how to make a black Forest cake with simple incridients

Selma Idris says:

Oh my god you are sooooooo good at painting!!!

Patricia Lewis says:


Diamond Swag says:

can I make the tear drop out of clear candy instead of water

kawaii fox says:

if i was there my clumsy self would have smashed it -_-

Cheryl Burke says:

Spectacular desert!

cool kid number 1 says:

we have that painting of the cop and the kid

lulu Gregory says:


awsometeen13 says:

cook a chese cake use a paket of cream cheese one tespon of vanila some grand cracker crust half cup of shugar 2 eggs preheat your oven to 350 degrees and put it in the oven for 20-25 minutes to top it off put strawbarries on top im 11 and i know this i just subbscibed

David Tjong says:

i very love it

shama sayed says:

Who else comments for like ..

give me a like if u agree..or give me a like if u don’t care…

Nae Nae says:

The mango spheres are really dainty…
Of course

Olicharlie Yhap says:

hi. to coat the mango mouse was it gelatin or something else? can i find easily.?
thank you

Camille Toubol says:

it looks cool but why the ice thing around it lol

Joysty Kitsty says:

Who is watching this in 2017?

Tricia Allah Ramlal says:

that was very pretty and awesome

isaiah ferguson says:

Yes. Because everyone just has a blow torch lying around their house.

fiza haneef says:

mango looks like an egg yolk

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