Magic Chocolate Lava Cake Dessert Recipe HOW TO COOK THAT chocolate fondant Ann Reardon

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This is a modern take on a Molten Chocolate Lava Cake
I am not a big fan of the half cooked centre of the traditional lava cakes and this magic chocolate lava cake is so much more impressive.
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Trippy lex says:

I wanna eat chocolate now ;-;

Delaney Van Vliet says:

Can you use butter instead of mangerine

saira asif says:

I just want to ask which chocolate should I use ?

Laurynn Lindley says:

I serve this at my bakery, people an kids really love it

Misty Smith says:

I’m stoned and this looks so good

Holly Rydquist says:

your probably the first Aussie youtuber I’ve seen!and I’m happy!cause I’m Australian

technical lightning says:

Pizza pizza fresh pizza who wants some

zainab zubuir says:

look so tasty

How to cook in Coohchen says:


MRF Top Videos says:

very good,, your work is good

princessrei2001 says:

That looks so good!

D. Segitterius says:

i like you can you try a heart shape cake

AmericanGirl Lover says:

Can you please make macaroni pudding??

Monique Montemayor says:

Looks good

uKzZ WoOdLeZzZ says:

she can’t bake

Aqsa Ejaz says:

yummm its tasty

Jean Kimberly Ella says:

J’aime tout vos vidéo

luz gonzalez says:

aceme. uno

Trippy lex says:


Samarah Frazier says:

Can u make a Big Crunch

이진중 says:

So different from American chef

S̷ʟᴀɴɢ says:

if its not Ramsey its not food

Maysha Rahman says:

Who doesn’t wanna eat this? After seeing this video.

Hashimimran Hashim says:


LegendsofAmy 10 says:

her: thats as big as you want to get or you wouldn’t be able to eat it all

me:ha haha hahaha

Tessa T says:

Wow how tasty does this look, looking forward to serving this to my family, thank you for showing how you made it

Monster high Adventures says:


Mr. M Kashwani says:

can you do something sour, like lemon cake or something like that?

Jean Kimberly Ella says:

you are the best

김은자 says:

wow good

Hadil ALi says:

يلي عربي هنا يحط لايك

Zhea Jasmine says:

Idk the measurements of the ingredients.

Nalini Mahadeo says:

I love the way you make all these things with chocolate!!!

water meloentje says:

love it♡

Angelina Buksh says:

love it

Honeu Boneu says:

Looks good to eat!

ali werfalli says:

you think that’s good, you should check this out

Appolyon99 says:

Some strawberry or fruit in the center would be good

Najdar Sadiq says:

Am i the only one who watches it and doesnt make it

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