Macaron dessert recipe for Christmas:
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Recipe details:

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Passionfruit puree:
Almond meal:
red food colouring:
powdered food colouring:

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Jennifer Parone says:

hi, what should I do for my mom’s birthday that is not that expensive and that is easy to make?

Hailey's vlog says:

make a maroon cake please

Franzin Gayo says:

I love your voice❤❤❤❤

Merav Nahmoud says:

can you do the mose without candy termamoter?

LC Gaming says:

Can you show us what happens if you don’t stir in between melting your chocolate?

Lara Piva says:

how old are you

comic sans says:

you say water so funny .( ˆoˆ)/(ˆoˆ )/
you made my.

Tazja Love says:

u talk alot

곰도리 says:

That is just so amazing!!! Thanks for nice and delicious recipes all the time 🙂

ryan dove says:

the nuttty profoer

Lous cornr says:

yum I love it macarons yay

JRAV bunda says:

wait…. what is your twitter if dont have may you bake a lovely bed cake would you?????

Mike Smitty says:


Deepika Khiri says:

you are great

Gian Carlo Lindong says:

I love it.

Madi Mc says:

00:17 and 00:20 Ann’s face was priceless

Eivril Buenaventura says:

Can you make a dora cake please

Baars Family says:

oh golly gosh!!! looks insane!! thanks for sharing 🙂

Springpigen144 says:

can you speak danish? ?

Ebony Brunt says:

make something harry potter

Fiza Zaki says:

Can we use gel food colour

Nevaeh Harvey says:

i would make the s’mores girl scout cookies milkshake with Carmel, coconut and chocolate all around it

Kendall Rich says:

Who else is watching in 2017?

Helping Hand says:

What kind of peak does the meringue hold.

Anita Kundu says:

sooooooo, very beautiful cake

Amy McGinty says:

Fums up if you like macarons

Marla Hively says:

Could I use a duck or goose egg ?

Michelle Saito says:

can you make giant starbucks

George Egan says:

how to cook. that

LetsSaboogi says:

You and Rosanna Pansino are two of my biggest inspirations! I have a passion for culinary arts and it helps to know these simple little scientific facts about baking and cooking. One day I hope to open a restaurant, and when I do, I will add one of my favorite recipes of yours to my menu, and dedicate it all to you! Thank you for making these videos and inspiring me to do so much more! Before watching you and Ro’s videos, I’d never even considered the science and teqniques that go into creating your own recipes! And I’m glad I know now, because if I didn’t, I’d just be copying everyone else! Thank you again for making these videos!

Daja Posoni says:

you are the best

Ella Rew says:

Make a giant macaron! Xx

Thalia rose says:

do you have to use almonds

Beth Collier says:

Best video you’ve ever made on this channel ❣

Thanh Mai Nguyenova says:

How long do u bake it?

Fedora Turtle says:

Hey Ann! Did you weigh your ingredients?

ara lala says:

on the thumbnail i thought it was ketchup hahaha ♡

Auntie Triza says:

Is there a point at which the dry meringue turns into over whipped egg whites? 🙂

Rin Kagamine says:

sou brasileira e curto muito seus videos um dia serei igual a você

Mike Smitty says:

Who else go scared when she started mixing

Jo Ellen Vaughn says:

It’s a sunflower

Aica Catangay says:

It’s so pretty.I never see that before.

shanthi shree says:

can we do macarons without adding food colouring???

Emily Simmons says:

Hi Ann you mentioned in your video when making your macaroons that you should use always use powdered colouring instead of liquid because it wont work, but when i tried making macaroons for the first time i used blue liquid food colouring and they worked fine. why exactly do you suggest to use powdered over liquid?

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