Kanafeh with Pudding Recipe | Turkish Dessert

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Awena Khalifa says:

thanks for nice desert I want t try

Kaan says:

İts not kanafeh its kadayıf, ın turkey we call it ”Kadayıflı künefe” my mother always make this dessert for me.İts a turkish dessert not arab.

Marwah Malik says:

Thanks for this superb recipe I tried it it is awesome..only 1 drawback is vermicelli become crunchy…

Esma Can says:


meshi faiz says:

you are amazing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thanku so muchhhh

Aym Sugar says:

I love turkish food so much and im so thankful for this video. Thank u

Alina Rae says:

very nice recipies

waheeda aman says:

wow nice

Ali Shah says:

Hi, I made this today, is the vermicelli supposed to be a little crunchy on top?

Also to anyone else trying this, make sure you follow the quantities of sugar in the recipe, I used around half and it made the taste a little weak.

But still very tasty all in all!

Wael HDR says:

Kunafa is not a turkish dessert. Stop it

Feryal Emad says:

I think kanafeh it’s an Egyptian food !!

Ayshia Alshaikh says:

Hi I love your channel and I love all your recipes. They are easy not a lot of ingredient also I love the music you put on it sounds sooo real. Also this is arab sweet it’s called knafeh I’m an Arab we make this too it’s not just Turkish thsnjs again

Black Butterfly says:

I couldn’t find cornstarch..can I use gelatin instead?will it come in same way?

Renu Tupper says:

can I use ordinary vermicelli

Padma Pereira says:

What’s Kadayif pls?

Muntaha Nachan says:

In India it is brown seviyya it is easily available in stores

Elif Gülcan says:

wtf künefe is not made that way

Ευγενια Χαριση says:

ωραία όλα αλλά θα ήθελα πιο αναλυτικά τίς δόσεις

burak ayan says:

I’m turkish. I’ve never eaten that dessert 😀

sootherbs says:

milk pudding sounds simple and tasty, it would go nice with white chocolate too

23nask says:

I had several problems with this recipe. Isn’t the kadiyaf too little I know I used much more than said. Also my pudding didn’t set and I followed the recipe… I actually added more cornstarch when I realized it wasn’t working and still nothing. Suggestions?

Mary Durup says:

I make today is very nice thank you

Samridz1982 says:

Yummy. ……

Anahit Vardoyan says:

it is not to be baked?

bellito hakobyan says:

omg!I finally know the recipe..thanks for sharing:)

Aziza horia says:


Tavga Hawrame says:

This is best kanafah recipe. looks very flaverful

Sha Rum says:

For Pakistani viewers; use ‘phyni’ instead of vermicelli

Aziza horia says:


Eeraj Khan says:

Hi there, love all your recipe so much, just wondering is there another name of kadayif, is there any alternate ingredient, you think vermicelli will taste the same for this recipe?

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