Kanafeh / Konafa – Sweet Cheese Dessert Recipe – CookingWithAlia – Episode 199

To view written recipe, click this link: http://cookingwithalia.com/index.php?option=com_zoo&task=item&item_id=210&Itemid=110
Kanafeh or Konafa is a middle-eastern sweet that looks like a pie make with top and bottom shredded filo dough layers and filled with cheese or cream in the center. It is served hot with simple syrup flavored with orange blossom water or rose water!


mscargento says:

thank you, I loved it!!! you made it look sooo easy…YUMMY!!

Alexis Wilson says:

I saw this on Instagram and I’m dying to eat it!!!!!

Timo Bohnstedt says:


Roger Malouf says:

How about some measurements? For the syrup…ratio of water to sugar? Can you use corn syrup? How much cheese?……..Video is lacking as an instructional…

Jazmine Waller says:

Bon apetit!

Sara Yousif says:

اختي فديواتك ماشاء الله كلها حلوة ورائعة بس ياريت تحكي شوي عربي في نساء مامبتعرف انحليزي خصوصا المقادير وشكرا وبالتوفيق اختي

Maria Torres says:

I love this dessert! thanks for the recipe!!

Sohaib Sheikh says:

ur hot and u make hunafa mummy to my tummy.

zetam Do says:

Geat ,  I will do it for my son

Melody Najem says:

Thank you for sharing your recipe..:-)

Confusion Expert says:

Hi Alia
I have been tried to make it and it was AWESOME BOOM BOOM KABA BOOM YUMMY
thanks a lot ALIA

Asia Khan says:

these are not khatai these are seymolina

tuko kitkat says:


Fatally Ally Hossen says:

Assalamoualeikoum Sister  I would like to know whether I can use vermicelli instead of  kunafey?Thks.Hope to hear from you.

Omar Rashid says:

i hated it.
the whole thing was full of rose water taste though i only put 2 teaspoon of rose water

Mehvish Jeelani says:

can we cook it I microwave?

Ashifur Rahman says:

How can I make it in a microwave pls reply

omar khalid says:

please can you show us how to make kanafa

MohammadYousif madi says:

looks delicious

Jennifer Anne says:


Iman El Hammouti says:

Assalamu alaykom sister i want to know if I can use the chinese noodles ? thank u sister ! 

Cecilia Cabrerra says:

I want to learn how to do it but where I can get all the stuff I need some are easy for me to get then but the others are not like the vanilla on powder or the kataifi where?

Pascale Massih says:


Mehvish Jeelani says:

can we cook it I microwave?

karismatichick says:

I found the sweet cheese she uses at whole foods!

L H says:

omg the rose water literally ruined it… don’t put rose water in the cheese. only put it in the syrup. I put one teaspoon in the cheese and that’s literally all I can taste when I eat the kanafe

akire Dacasin says:

Wow this is my favorite

hiimchristine13 says:

I really want to try this recipe and make it – it looks really delicious! Where can I find the ingredients online? What’s the best website?

venera gjata says:

You explain very well, make it seems so easy… but well I will see it when I will try it myself. I will surely try this for New Year 🙂 , thanks for sharing !

Suzanne Saah says:

I add the color to the kataif or to the syrup. either way. both layers of dough get the red color.

sweetnawesome23 says:

I must say, this is the simplest and loveliest video on how to make konafa on the whole of youtube (trust me, I’ve gone through plenty!) Subbing!

slava tsvetkov says:

“Made out of shredded filo dough”, kadaif is not a shredded filo.

Shruti says:

Pan size please 🙂

Khin Uy says:

how much the measurement of water and sugar,,

Serkanbah says:

you must taste it,one of the best dessert.

अयान दत्त says:

you’re pretty

Bayan F says:

Not trying to be mean but this is not how kunafa is made us Palestinians do it differently and it taste wayy Better so yupp

sam ya says:

I heard the word “basically” about 9
Times lol

alia Iqbal says:

I can’t find the written recipe on the website 🙁

Inamulhaq Ulhaq says:

my weakened desert ….kinafah…thanks mam..

Sammy says:

can i use cheddar cheese?

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