Instant Pot – Delicious Taco Meat Recipe

We love this yummy taco meat! Let us know if you try it.

1.5 – 2lbs Ground Beef
3-4 TBS Taco Seasoning
1 can Diced Tomatoes
1 can Diced Green Chilies (optional)
1 can Black or Pinto Beans
1 cup Frozen Corn or 1 can Corn

Add meat, taco seasoning, diced tomatoes and green chilies to instant pot and combine.
Add lid and adjust top to seal mode.
Set to manual and adjust to 10 minutes.
When done manually release steam.

Turn instant pot to saute mode and cook out extra liquid. Add beans and corn and cook until heated through. All done!

Use in tacos or on taco salads with your favorite toppings! Delicious!

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Nancy Huffaker says:

Loved your video. Will make this soon. Looking forward to seeing more of this dynamic mother daughter duo.

pusher1012000 says:

you guys are awesome cute kid

Libby Hockaday says:

I’m confused. I thought you had to have water for it to come up to pressure. I didn’t see you add water. Am I incorrect? I’m researching before purchase.

Sharon Mobley says:

omg! i need a instant pot! i got and returned my go wise because of issues. And bought and returned power pressure cooker because of issues. loosing faith in these. but see alot of videos with this model.

Steadfast Patriot says:

there should be laws against parents keeping their children next to pressure cookers, it is very dangerous and people can be killed or severely injured.

Michelle Herrera says:

Your daughter is so cute!!!!!

Holly Threatt says:

If you don’t add the diced tomatoes do you need to add water to the meat? Or will the meat produce enough juice while it comes to pressure?

Evangeline Lauth says:

I love how you let your daughter help you! she’s learning great life skills and is already so knowledgeable

CrAaaZzzyBeBoppin Brandon says:

She’s adorable and my nine year old loves her shirt!

Jemca says:

Do you have to drain the grease?

Shelly420 says:

I’m so excited for my Instant Pot to arrive in the mail. I’m vegetarian, so I won’t be making this particular recipe, but it was still helpful seeing the machine in use. Thank you. Your daughter is just adorable, and so well spoken.

motocyclin3 says:

Best video ever and your da is a star!!

John Doe says:

22 year old male uni student. I’m gonna make this recipe.

Hen Sitter says:

Health and Safety is obviously not a major concern here!

Mir ali says:

I dont dont know how the recipe will come out but this Little princess is a real adorable angel God bless her

Rick Stauffer says:

Loved your daughter’s comments and tasting style! Reminds me of my grandchild Ruby. Thanks for the recipe, will be making this next week for Taco Tuesday!

Jeramie Gatchell says:

Looks great, we just ordered one of these instant pots from amazon on a black friday sale and it looks amazing. Your daughter and her awesome shirt cracked me up! She reminds me so much of my daughter Taylor when she was that age!!!

aquafina2u says:

I love your daughter!  She is a doll.

maptrking says:

Too bad that fly didn’t cross the path of the steam at the right time…. 🙂

DukeStarbuckle says:

Not only a great recipe but also a very uplifting video. Who gets top billing, Mom or The Assistant? Thanks so much for this. Loved it!

Karyn M says:

Why not cook the burger and drain off grease first? This isn’t really taco meat.

Tracy Stansell says:

She is the cutest thing!!

Cristine Herron says:

your daughter stole the show. She is adorable. This reminds me of the time my daughter was this age. Such a fun and precious age.

Diana Hart says:

If you use meat with a higher fat content should you drain it fter you cook it do you know how it turns out with the fatter meat? PS Your daughter is awesome tell her ‘On the sly butterfly” or “Say hello buffalo” (I am a preschooler teacher lol)

Gary Saavedra says:

Nice recipe for a single guy!! Thank you!! That little helper is adorable!!

Tina Deannette says:

Your daughter seriously killed me with her cuteness. Love the video.

Anti Establishment says:

I thought while pressure cooking were supposes to use at least 1 cup if water in every recipe….did I miss something?

Julie Burgess says:

Thanks great tutorial! Your daughter is precious!

Donna McClain Callahan says:

You’re doing a great job of training your Lil’ Lady, Mommy! My children grew up in the kitchen doing everything with me. By the time he was 14 (and had hollow legs), I turned the kitchen over to my son. He could do anything I could do, and he was A.L.W.A.Y.S. starved at that age. He’s 30 now, and his happiest memories are connected to the kitchen and food. You’re raising a very competent chef, Mom!

Juan Cruz says:

You are a great mom best time to teach our children, is when they are very young. your daughter is adorable god bless you both.

Sian Lindsey says:

Thanks for this video – looks delicious, and your daughter is absolutely adorable! 😀

Elizabeth Stolley says:

Good video, except the knife block being by the outlet is dangerous for reasons I shouldn’t even have to list…

Dennis Dowd says:

Gee, your daughter is so cute, and you are so patient with her, she is lucky to have you as a mom. Thanks for showing me how to make the taco filling, I truly can’t wait to give it a try myself. I subscribed .

Chris Cooling says:

this is more like burritos…

scott smith says:

the kid stole the show on this one.

Jeff Chandler says:

With the canned ingredients mentioned, what do you drain and what don’t you drain before adding? Thanks.

1timby says:

What a cute helper….:)

Can you do this with frozen beef?


Shirley Pryor says:

Great recipe. As a grandmother, I must admit I was nervous that your lovely daughter was so close to the pressure cooker especially when the steam released. I have the instant pot and have burned myself when the steam released due to my error.

Susan Reynolds says:

BABY is so cute. I don’t have the instant pot but I have another elec. Pressure cooker that has that same St. Steel insert. Do you ever have any trouble with it sticking? what tips do you have to prevent sticking?

Ava Marshall says:

Great tutorial… and looks delicious too! But your daughter made the video!❤ I want one of these intstapots…. are they really that great???

RetireeChi says:

Great recipe. Thanks. Hadley is adorable. She will definitely have her own channel some day I’m sure.

cheryl guerrera says:

any ideas for ground turkey not chilli

SpeakingJargon says:

I’m a clueless 20-something male and this is the best taco meat I’ve ever cooked. Thanks!

Stacy Greene says:

So the can of tomatoes was enough liquid? No additional water?

TomieT1965 says:

Thanks for the recipe! I’ll give it a try in my Instant Pot What talent agent have you signed your adorable little daughter up with?

Heidi Fairhurst says:

Your daughter is hilarious and adorable you should have her do her own vid.

Michele Johnson says:

Your little kitchen helper is quite a little star.

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