How to use less materials in cooking recipes mechanics Black Desert Online BDO

Incendar Gaming Database Site:

This is a strange cooking Mechanic and I only show two examples to avoid cooks salt but make sure to try this on other recipes , if you want add results to coments!


Didrik Vedvik says:

Incendar do you have an open discord group?

Jinxxed0 says:

This is pretty cool. I’ve always used corn over wheat when making stuff because I always imagine the flavor is better. This opens up a whole new world possibilities.

Nick Martini says:

Would love a video on how to get max energy up that high, I’m at 140 and struggling to get more.

Tim Rudde says:

Hey Incendar, FlashHx10 here. Did you gather yesterday? If you did… did Kakao improve the drop rate of hard and sharp shards for this week?✌️

Schmutz Lord says:

you should hide the xenoblade/final fantasy vids etc, they are kind of clusterfuck in the overview of all vids, im not a fan of playlists.

Nipuna55 says:

Wow, how did you get 1311 weight limit?

Mads Ryberg says:

How do you get all of these ingredients? nodes, market, gathering or somethig 4th? maybe a mix of all? 😛

Eric Burrus says:

Good feed is an extremely good example with dried fish. In many instances I can not get the same cheap dried fish off the market, so I usually buy some of the cheaper fish in bulk and try them together. You can save a lot of money doing this if you make good feed. The recipe required 2x dried fish, so mix and match!

Xerathiel vi Darquise says:

“Not All Flours and Doughs are Equal” ~Incendar, HAHAHHAHHAAHHAAHAHA

MikersTV says:

nice I wonder if this works for alchemy need to test

Kunsa Sirrius says:

thats really interesting… didnt know about the flours being unequal…. I always wondered why some seeds for farming required 2 slots and others required 1 slot… i havent checked, but this might be the reason and a way to find others with similar properties

deepdishpizza says:

is afk cooking for cp only good if you have advance/fast cooking speed?

aeternum apathy says:

what font do you use? i remember having the same one years and years ago in WoW

Mark Cubitt says:

How many fail stacks do you recommend for a +4 cooks clothes, I have +3 but that took a lot of effort.

Victor says:

i think its tied with the price of the material, i have same exp with different kind of fish

Botan says:

If you get that dialog (for cooking or alchemy) you can setup a simple keyboard macro to type ‘enter’ every couple seconds and that dismisses it and the batch will complete fine. Macros made with your keyboard’s software that just press a keystroke or two have been OK’d by Kakao (sorry, don’t have the link handy, but I’m sure you could find it if interested).

Jack Super Fly says:

Ruin other people’s income lol. I lean more towards passive income that everyone can get such as Trade Crates. Whether Incendar keeps it a secret or not, some people will be able to find it.

Daytons Sniper Rifle says:

tbh I’d rather have information available for everyone for the price of reducing the income of a few.

Trump is your President says:

How are you cooking so fast? I can only manage to get down to 5s 🙁

Grokarr says:

I tried 1 green high quality cooking honey as substitution for 3 normal “white” cooking honey in Tea with fine scent but it failed, why is that? I know you can subtitute 4 normal ingredients with 1 green one, so if you want to replace just 3 it fails or is it honey specific?

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