How to Make Easy Baked Flan

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Watch how to make a simple Spanish baked flan. This impressive dessert is made in the blender. It’s quick and easy—and delicious served warm or cold.

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Parul Pitti says:

Is there any alternative to eggs…in this recipe…??

Mahesh Sarkar says:

1 ounce is how much??

bel juguilon says:

that is leche flan, here in philippines , d difference is we do not use eggwhite and . we add dayap peel

2,4197604.143. says:


Toy_Freddy _PieYT says:

hello allrecipes I love your channel and I want to tell you a fact about that , that was first inspired in the Philippines but it was called leche flan

Steven Cung says:

Awesome recipe

Jessica Fonseca says:

making it this second

Amy Taman says:

Yummi…. Thanks for the recepi

our home says:

best flan video ever … me

Yashika Fangoo says:

its important to put heavy cream

didanhtennis says:

What can you substitute for condensed milk? Thank you

Machieavelli says:

the recepi calls for cream cheese blended in the mixure

Devan Ampuero says:

I made this and everyone has been requesting I make it again!! Only thing was, my flan took twice the amount in the oven to set. I was panicking that I did something wrong but just needed extra time in there.

Kristiana Rada says:

what can i use as a substitude for vanilla extract?

leydis f says:

Can you use evaporated milk instead of heavy cream

ማርያም ነሽ ሂይወቴ says:

10q my saf

Angelica Drlvalle says:

arent you suppose to leave the flan in the fridge untill the next day idiotsB

BlueSaiyan says:

when you accidentally add a baked flan video to an eyeshine playlist

sasha says:

it came out perfect ty

Aasiyah muaaz Aasiyah muaaz says:

look yummy

Easy as Cake says:

Please do more recipes

Riddhi Bhanushali says:

Hi what can i use as a substitute for eggs?

Angelica Drlvalle says:

arent you suppose to leave the flan in the fridge untill the next day idiots

Soaiba Hassan says:

You said blend it for 1 mins on high what does that means? Which option you use in blending machine for blending the mixture please reply soon

gold princess says:

can i make it in microwave oven?

Ihssane Lghazaoui says:

ı Just tried it and it tasted divine! next time i Will dismiss the sugar. it was à little bit too sweet. thanks. definitely à keeper !

Subodani Subodani says:

waht.secant milk….pliss tel me….

bryan cuevas says:

how do i say this…?
it’s a bit crude, but…
i got a boner

Soaiba Hassan says:


Md Rakib says:


Oki Loki says:

What does it taste like?

Ragulan Suthaharan says:

Is there a way to get more air bubbles into the flan and not have it so custardy?

Vincent Vega says:

She never said the amount of weed to mix in?

Toys in Motion says:


Yashika Fangoo says:

can i get the ingredient

Elaine Thomas says:

do we need heavy cream

Soaiba Hassan says:

You didn’t reply

Amanda Nanansingh says:

tried it and it’s amazing!

music islife says:

Hi! I was wondering how do I not have the flan greasy/fatty. Because I have done this recipe before and I am left with small clots of grease/fat. Please help!

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