How to Cook Fish: Fan Recipe for Mahi, Wahoo & more

How to cook fish, mahi, wahoo, snapper and more. Check out this great fan recipe sent in to use by Tiffany. Florida fishing girl Darcizzle cooking.


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asa says:

butternut soup is good. looks pretty good

Icensnow says:

so awesome you actually did this.

Jason Broadhurst says:

No hot bikini today??? Just kidding ,the daisy dukes look great too……………….Hehehe When you get older Brian, your taste buds change temps……………Where you 2 from originally??

tiffany temples says:

Thank you for making this video we enjoy watching yall! I am posting this to my FB page and like I did with the fan mail reading I am telling them all to subscribe! I have some friends with children who also LOVE fishing because we live on a lake in South Ga, and Bass fishing is popular, so maybe you will have more fan mail from this area! By the way, I haven’t had much salt water fish, but for the freshwater fish, Largemouth bass is exceptionally wonderful any way you want to cook it!

Stuart Kidder says:

great that you guys engage with us, your fans!

John Sorrentino says:

Hey Darcie and Brian great episode! Quick question though, what do you feel is the best way to defrost frozen fillets? I usually clean and eat my catches fresh but recently started freezing, just wondering how you do it (like leaving it out vs sitting in warm water), thanks.

Deva Long says:

No measuring! Neva!

Night Fairy says:

I love watching y’all lol Darcie I hope your feeling better

Darian Foss says:

fun thanks guys

ksmtnbkr says:

Why don’t you eat bass or tilapia???

P L says:

Yayyyy congrats on the 55th vlog ive been watching everyone and i hope i can watch many more keep up the good work

Aaron Dixon says:

Awesome! Making butternut squash and saugeye (walleye hybrid) tonight! Thanks for the idea of the side dish!

Tony Ramos says:

Love y’all, I’d love to meet y’all someday!! Love you Darcie!!

Jeremy Stallman says:

Love the Hat!!!! lol

Brad Williams says:

I like fish

Mark St.pierre says:

I’m hooked….great video ….you guy always look like your haveing fun….that’s great …cute hat too Darcie…..keep up great work… Looking forward to fishing tomorrow….hopefully

WickedAnglerTv says:

I hope that wahoo was rinsed in freshwater

scooter041031 says:

Have ya’ll tried some NC calabash style fried fish. Up here we pretty much fry everything, may not be too healthy for Brian though, and the plates are all the same color as well the color of corn meal breaded goodness.

Guy Mooglie says:

With that hat Walmart would have been more apropo for shopping.. : )

joseph aguon says:


redfishradical says:

Nice hat! Darcie in all of her sartorial splendor baby! 😉 I was lucky enough to work for a couple of extremely accomplished chefs, including a certified (CIA) executive who were eager to share what they knew if you showed enthusiasm & a good work ethic. What’s the point? I STILL write my own recipes…even those I write down!-with pinches, dashes, and in ratios (an old French chef showed me that early on-why figure out the math extending recipes when you can just look at the ratios of ingredients in relation to each other?!- I’ve spent far FAR too much time in Louisiana NOT to cook this way! Thanks for sharing Darcie, better luck committing piscatorial plunder tomorrow, O Angling Empress! 😉

Tom Hobbs says:

I asked for a cooking video and you came thru. Thank you so much.  I love to watch you two.  Honey you are a lucky gal to have him there. It looks like he did a lot of the cooking.  I hope to try out the recipe soon. We went to our lake house over the Thanksgiving weekend anfd I had the opportunity and pleasure of taking my grandkids fishing.  They had a blast. 6 and 7 and my granddaughter learned how to cast a line. Living the dream Honey. Cant wait to retire there, that’s coming soon.

masskilla469 says:

Darzizle my Nizzle is Shizzlin dat Fish mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Steve Lykiardopoulos says:

More and more reality like your getting.
With the little things tv cuts.
You guys are getting better and better
Thanks and keep up the good work.

William Bates 0361 says:

Cool hat whats for dessert? whats your web address? not sure ive seen it thanks

Mike Lech says:

Recipe sounds good, I’ll give it a shot.

Ron Townsend says:

==The Bass Lodge in Lake Port Florida, don’t lean down to light a cigarette or you’ll miss it. Lake Port, Florida is a real big spot in the road.

coolair671 says:

whatta ya from Boston,,,,stop fingering the food!
P.S.,,,,your a walking mess maker,, lol
rooting for you guys!,,,good luck catching,,,,,

Paradigm2012Shift says:

very cool recipe. i’ve never really had butternut squash. but it looks delicious. thanks for sharing.

Joseph Pelletier says:

as for food is there any fish u would never eat and what is your ultimate fish to eat

jeremy wells says:

I know you two kids have had trouble sleeping, wondering where I’ve been and all, but have no fear! I’m still a fan and still watching, but my family just moved into our first home on Black Friday and it’s been total chaos for us!!! I have days of videos to catch up on, and not too much free time to do it.

Phil Cusimano says:

Brian & Darcie, you guys are making hungry with these cooking vlogs … So when are you inviting me over for dinner? LOL … Just kidding. You guys are awesome!

Man Of Letters says:

is that her dad?

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