A close look at how we like to prepare fish when cooking it whole. We’re using snapper that we caught off the coast of Florida earlier this year.

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bubbacrabb says:

I had a camp chef skillet but then found out it was made over seas. still like my camp chef stove but I tossed the pan. Lodge makes pans here in the USA. I know I can’t own everything made here but I’ll sure try. camp chef should make stuff here if they want folks to use it.

givememore4free says:

I like the plate presentation Eric, but you should have had some rice or pasta with it. 9 out of 10

GirlsHuntToo Vlogs says:

Eric you are pretty adorable…. Even better cause you cook 🙂

Barett Gunderson says:

Can you do more cooking videos?!

Chris Thomas says:

you know some fancy ass restaurant would charge high dollar for that meal!

Tackle BC says:

You don’t need to make the slits so deep. Typically all you need is a 1/4 inch cut.

Bio & trauma scene Cleanup says:

Eric should get married

Kerr Outdoors says:

I love eating fish!!! You guys are awesome!!!. I love you videos

benshivd says:

Might want to work on your proper safe meat handling techniques.

A ROD says:

the clock on your Stove says 420

BassManBobBassCovers says:

5:30 amazing!

Daxton Kaas says:

2nd and keep up the good work love you guys your awesome

Matthew Henry says:

That looks about as good as it can get!!!

TheHighFiver1234! says:

keep up the cooking videos they’re amazing!!

kk 416 says:

nearly dropped the fish when u showed the final product close up that salt and pepper gadget is so cool

James Blackham says:

2nd like and comment

jay jenkins says:

FINtastic ! like I said the force is strong with you.

spencer sousa says:

Looks great!

Martin Goshulak says:

great video but audio is lacking

Schy Mark says:

deep fried? looks great!!

Colleen Han says:

He laughed but didn’t crack a smile.

Josh Sousa says:

When is the duck hunt coming?

Hookemups says:

All you need is fresh garlic not dried. Great olive oil and a wee bit of butter. Pan fry and tell me the fantastic flavour of any seafish will shine through. Sea salt and white pepper will also enhance it. Try it please… It’s so simple.

deke441 says:

Need to get some Everglades seasoning for that Florida fish. It’s amazing. Eat some carbs man!

The Tutorial Guy says:

Tip with citrus fruits – when it’s cut in half as in the video, get a fork, put it into the flesh and move it up and down, and rotate it 360 degrees to get out more juice than standard squeezing! 🙂


@ Quinn Strobl thanks man

oasisbeyond says:

Surprised you used so much oil 🙂

Nemo Hoes says:

Nice Recipe Eric, Good On You.

Village Survival Kitchen says:


Bryson Phelps says:

That looks so gooood

Birdiethebird _795 says:

Have you guys ever thought about getting semiautomatic rifles?

Rob Buechner says:

when I’m at hunting camp a favorite thing to do is catch some trout and stuff them full of butter and garlic powder, wrap them in tinfoil and put them in the coals. awesome snack or meal and the kids like it as a tradition

tnielson1 says:

I must be behind times but the coolest part of this video could be those electronic salt and pepper grinders. I’m getting some for Christmas!

Average Dude says:

Love the antler shed tree!

douglas hendricks says:

I have some fish recipes. Ask your bro for my info. Looks delicious!

Gerlos says:

dude your salt and pepper grinders are awesomr

Arnold Jeremy says:

Yo! where did you buy that salt container thing? thats so dope!

Hushin Nebraska says:

please help me get to 40 subs before 2017

The Courts of Chaos says:

looks super good broski!!

spicy tacos 21 says:

hey can you follow me on Instagram @13_lyon13

rippinlips 23 says:

do Yall ever check your Gmail? was looking forward to a response back.

Schy Mark says:

deep fried?

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