Homemake Chinese Steamed Meat Buns Recipes(1/2) (Holiday recipe)


Homemade Steamed Meatballs

Dough ingredients: 1/4 cup of lukewarm water, 1.5 TBS of active yeast.
1 cup and 3 TBS of milk, 1 1/2 TBS of sugar, a pinch of salt, 1 TBS of vegetable cooking oil. 4 cups of all purpose flour.

Filling: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=AHsN8zkq48I

Filling: 1/2 pound of ground pork, 1/2 pound of ground shrimp, 1 cup of chopped napa vegetable, 1/3 cup of chopped green onion, 1/2 cup of chopped shitake mushroom, 1/2 tsp of minced ginger, 1/2 tsp of minced garlic, 2 tsp of oyster sauce, 2 tsp of soy sauce, 2 tsp of sherry cooking wine, a pinch of black pepper, 1 tsp of sesame oil, 1 tsp of cornstarch and mix well together.

Dipping sauce: 1 tsp of minced ginger, 1/2 tsp of minced garlic, 1 tsp of sriracha hot sauce, 3-4 TBS of light soy sauce, 1 tsp of lime juice, 1/2 tsp of sesame oil, 1 TBS of chopped green onion, 1-2 TBS of fresh cilantro.

You can create your own filling!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!


Honey Nee says:

I love the way You plead the dough

Ohnmar Htun says:

Thank you for showing in details…

May Hsiang says:

you have to put sugar into yeast and baking powder into dough, otherwise, you will get yellowish bun after steam.

Omar Ochoa says:


Mara Chi says:

I used your recipe, this is my second time making it and the results was perfect and my family keep asking me to make more to eat and to take for their lunch. thank you so much for the video so easy to follow.

tamia11 falanna says:

so professional will take me lots of practice, you speak excellent english, blessings

fat dog music channel says:

I don’t have yeast. any other options?

Vickie Nickel says:

Where is the recipe i.e. the amounts measured and used??

Szamanie.TV says:

Great video

tamia11 falanna says:

like ur buns thanks for sharing

Elizabeth Bryant says:

Thank you so much.

kim bunny says:

looks so good!!!!

Anano Tsurtsumia says:

Looks like Georgian national food “Khinkali”

OPA Surya says:

when everyday gift for An~Aπ ?

ValseMusic says:

Excellent directions!

Cesar Caoili says:

You are such an Expert in bun making, i like the way you give the instruction how to roll it, in the Philippine recipe it calls for pork asado recipe, also i add hard boil quail inside, it taste great, thanks for sharing,..!!!

Nola DH says:

looks delicious. Was the meat precooked before stuffing or did the steam cook the meat also?

MrSoundSeeker says:

I’ve made them yesterday. I need to work on sealing technique but the taste was great. Thanks

phillip staton says:

Thank You for the great video and information. Looks GOOD! Again Thank You.

Miss Midnight Miss says:

Thats really delicious i try that at panda Chinese restaurant

Honelyn Alarcon says:

thanks I love it I wish I can do the same

Dennis Aranca says:

soooo hungry

OPA Surya says:

? who is An~Aπ ?

azaz911c says:

I like your accent.

baby lai says:

to make a dough what ingridients needed?? Flour, dry yeast , milk and sugar that all? please reply thank u

jesler cobico says:

hellow i was making siopao dough but i dont how to perfect it it always having brown spot spot can u tell me what is the problem im using allpurpose and combination of hongkong flour then instant dry yeast,baking powder sugar water unsalted butter den i use proofing machine for 45mins

OPA Surya says:


Othermails08 says:

Do you use wheat flour or just all purpose flour? Thanks.

Kendra Madison says:

The link for the filling is not showing 🙁

Ann T says:

looks yummy

Zellig says:

Looked this up after playing Blazblue, lol. <3 Litchi

Perusing says:

Specifically, what make and model cleaver are you using in this video? Thanks

Damia Qarirah says:

Can i use red bean paste for the filling.

Queen Cannabis says:

can you freeze these? how would you store them? can you freeze them in the liquid

Minnie Maynard says:

omg i love these so much

Nisha Lucky says:

Good morning.i wish you’re fine and happy.have a great day to you.
dear thanks for your video dear
I really like it .The way you teach very clear and I easily learn how to make it.
my pleasure to watch your video.
dear this is my Facebook. luckynishachopra please add me.because I would like to learn from you so many kind of Chinese food thank you very much.

#OWNIT Industry says:

looks so good can’t wait to make these

Aida G Springdale ARkansas says:

love the way you demonstrated thanks!

Eric Srisavaththay says:

Thank you for this recipe uncle

ss4vegeta1 says:

looks good but the meat didnt look done to me

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