Ground Beef Recipes – How to Make Classic Meat Lasagna

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If you’ve been meaning to finally make a homemade lasagna, but felt overwhelmed by the process, this recipe is going to be your new best friend! Here’s a basic and simple way to prepare it that will teach you about the assembly and timing of the whole dish. Now you’ll be confident and ready to put your own spin on this classic.

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fivelightsonahill says:

Yummy! I love your videos with music. Its the best. 🙂

kks086 says:

You definitely have to give your dinner guests a heads up when you change a classic dish so drastically.

Nothing more awkward then seeing the faces of your guests cringe after they take the first bite. Better have another dish on standby just in case.

HKsocko says:

Cottage cheese??? Use Ricotta cheese!!!!

N and R says:

wow, no voice dubber anymore ?? good to know, we are going to “visual”

Zedd1500 says:

Amazing! Thanks very much! Fantastic tutorials! Look forward to seeing the next ones.

Jessica Dailey says:

I don’t like that there’s no voice..

Feel Your Meal says:

Lasagne looks tasty. Good job

Sonia Khatri says:

Looks delicious. Not all classic recipes have to be taken from generation to generation! A modern twist and a hack can also work great and make a good difference to an already existing old recipe. Keep up the great work. I love your channel.

herralex1 says:

I don’t beleave that it works with that aluminium foil.

fivelightsonahill says:

Mmmm yummy!!! Great music too!

R Reid-Smith says:

This is ridiculous. How is this “classic”?

Ivys Kitchen says:

My favorite! I think I’ll make this Sunday. Yum.

Lady Ema Skye says:

Hot damn, people are really complaining that this isn’t “classic,” my goodness.

Benjamin Bruno says:

Whole Wheat Noodles? Cottage Cheese? Yuck

Vielika8517 says:

I don’t know where they got the idea that cottage cheese is “classic”. Uck. Where I’m from you use Ricotta.

Eric Patterson says:

please go back to the old “recipes in motion”

Kris723 says:

You have made better lasagna recipes than that. That’s not a classic…that’s sad.

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