Grandma’s simple Spanish Spaghetti with meat sauce recipe

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How to make Spaghetti with a meaty sauce.
Very easy to follow video that shows you simple step by step instructions on how to make and cook a tasty spaghetti dish. We make some home made tomato sauce mixed with mince meat, then bring everything together in the one pot. Cheap simple and tasty!

So go and make some delicious Spaghetti today!
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Atty Ehui says:

Im NOT gonna put sugar in my spaghetti,seriously !!!

John Brooks says:

Awww Dont wash the pasta, mate. 🙁

mistermarcel22 says:

made a spicy version whit some chilli pepper

west-island kev says:

Nice simple recipe, looks delish. Why do you rinse all that lovely sauce-thickening make the sauce stick to the pasta “starch” off your pasta once it’s cooked?

Nick Petkoglou says:

Never rinse pasta under any water. Hot or Cold. Just drain pasta. the starch is what allows the sauce to cling to the pasta. Everything else seems delicious. Good job sir

imperio112 says:

Hi, we talked about the leftover tomato sauce…..
I mixed my leftover tomato sauce (370g) with 300g (leftover) meat.
In my oppinion it was just right, saucy, meaty, delicious! I only had to add a pinch of salt, then it was like new. Even my Cat Balu liked it, that means 10 out of 10!!!!

piggy66 says:

dude this is boring as fuck, it’s like a shitty, bland version of spaghetti bolognese

BeautyGyaan says:

dts too much sugar

Tiamatdc says:

im not trolling but “now time to add the butta”

R0ckness1 says:

uuuggghhhh electrc stove

Megan Michelle says:

Why did u drain it

googpower says:

My stomach is acting like the kid at the aquarium who wants to see the sharks and is stuck at the bird-feeding exhibit. 

JustinH73 says:

Oh wow definitely trying those methods with the pasta, I always cook them only with water and salt so my spaghetti never really tasted much different from one dish to another.

MultiStu66 says:

Now exactly what about this is “Spanish” exactly?  Looks like school cafeteria spaghetti with no seasoning.

Dennis Celis says:

I usually brown onions and garlic then the meat.

liuzhou says:

Up all night thinking up that erudite comment, were you?

Silly Mee says:

“me pan
cold wotah
a lihl bit of olive oil”
No matter how you say it, it all looks very tasty!

jasminemde says:

What kind of pots are those that you are using and also where to purchase them. Thank you.

Lisa Frias says:


Maya bee says:

I just made this now and my son love it thanks for sharing

Eugene Maggi says:

Rather baffled about the heading for the dish.”Grandma’s simple SPANISH Spaghetti with meat sauce recipe” How do you get the Spanish bit when it’s obviously an ITALIAN dish?What next Grandma’s Italian Paella dish ???
Otherwise I like the naked chef’s simple recipe’s although you really should make a sofritto mix to add to the ragu (sauce) for a more authentic taste.

Julius Francis Requina says:

Electric stove!

doncheach says:

What the heck is “mints” & “parmazan” lol

Tac Namow says:

that’s an awful lot of sugar! :/

Mary M. says:

that looks sooo good!

mistermarcel22 says:

no need to put olive oil in the water and don’t rinse if you cook pasta good there is no need for it

robby rensenbrink says:

Just want to thank for this little vid – I tried this the other day, only the second thing I have ever cooked – and it worked out really well, loved the taste. Thanks.

liuzhou says:

I’m not a ‘chef’ and neither is he.

seanviv2 says:

That looks delicious.

Fandango Bizarro says:

Oh my …..I need this meal in my life… immediately! DELICIOUS!!! <3

Yolanda Mansergas says:

I’m from Valencia and that’s how we used to eat “espaguetis” at home. And also with chopped “jamón serrano”.

Hanh Nguyen says:

looks so yummy omnomnom

kdemir90 says:

Are you naked when you cook?

LucilleB says:

I made this tonight. It was okay, but very bland. It could definitely use more garlic, spices, and a little red wine. I thought the vegetable bouillon was an interesting touch. It heightened the taste of the pasta and made it more interesting. I didn’t rinse the pasta in cold water–I didn’t want to lose the flavor.

joe Thomson says:

oi this is england.. thank you for sharing naked chef. sure it will taste lush keep up the good work:-)))

Will Conway Jr says:

why put olive oil in the water when boiling the spaghetti when you plan on rinsing the noodles?

imperio112 says:

i tried this yesterday and it was soooo jummy!!!!!
So simple and so good (i am on my knees while writing this).
But a question…have you tried to use only one tomato can for 500 Gramms Meat?
I ask because yesterday i filled the leftover tomato sauce back into one of the empty cans….then it was full, so one can should be enought….or not?! What do you think?

John Asaro says:

You don’t know what your doing your supposed to cook the meat with the sauce its what gives it its flavor. Dope.

Hill Bros. says:

no onion? why?

Atty Ehui says:

Other than that it looked good besides the fact that u drained the spaghetti and then put water on top!

Yvette Vargas says:

this is not spanish spagetti

jim buckner says:

Grandma seems a little manly these days

brownsugar3132 says:

mince is what they call ground beef, chicken etc. up here

KINDLE says:

That is an insane amount of sugar. A good dish doesn’t need a pile of sugar to make it interesting!! Other than that, not bad.

imperio112 says:

man, this is so so so so so so jummy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emre Ak says:

the food i made today was delicious, thank you, especially as it was my first time. i will certainly subscribe.

Declan Melvin says:

You’re meant to add the oil when the pasta is done otherwise all the oil is doing is sitting on top of the water

liuzhou says:

What a moronic reply. In the same place as yours.

Is it necessary to post videos to point out that something is crap?

Do I have to be a playwright to talk about Shakespeare? Do I have to write a symphony before expressing a preference for Mozart over Beethoven?

Do I have to be saint to point out that you are an idiot?

rhink af says:

How many people does the amount you made, serve?

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