Grand Marnier Souffle Recipe – Classic Orange Souffle- Valentine’s Day Dessert Special

Learn how to make a Grand Marnier Souffle Recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, more information, and over 800 more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Grand Marnier Souffle recipe!


Chieko Nishijima says:

Grazie di cuore…

soraninja says:

make me a souffle and finish me off chef!

Kaye Dequillo says:

“You’re gonna want to use long, slow, deep strokes for this…”

Omg I died.

Joscelin Reed says:

I love you videos souffle almost made me cry!

Aragorn Stellar says:

“Easy?” Get real.

Danny Podesta says:

I filled them to the top like you recommended and called them my Top Hat Souffles, making them for Christmas. Awesome!

Arnab Roy says:

Hi chef! The souffle looks fantastic! But what was that sauce you added into the souffle at the end?

RachelPlays Beyblade says:

Hello, may i know what i could replace the grand marnier with? We kids can’t take alcohol yet!!

soraninja says:

long slow deep strokes …. mmmm

Truly awsome says:

ps wemon watch this

Rene Nault says:

Doily=plate lingerie hahaha amazing

weeweeim says:

Lol at “after dessert, you are so, SO getting LLLLots of complements.”

Vick V says:

mmm looks good, think ill try this out soon! Is there a chocolate version of this, cuuzzz me and chocolate we’re kinda in an intimate relationship

Alex Hwang says:

0:20 this part got me dying idk why lmao

Gobbersmack says:

This guy auto-tunes himself.

Meanie010 says:

I like the part where he said ramekin

juliann Gutierrez says:

you’re sorda creepy

Asgeir says:

God that spoon makes my blood boil.

Juliano Pontes says:


Estou babando aqui do Brasil! Sou teu fã, trabalho com cozinha, estou na luta para me tornar um chef e posso lhe dizer que apreendo muito com você. OBrigado!

toshiyuki suzuki says:

best cooking coach/ teacher/ guide/ sensei/ mentor in the whole wide web! More power and more inspirations.

Danny Podesta says:

Thank you Chef John for this wonderful presentation. I took my wife to a fine restaurant for her birthday and we had the souffle. She loved it so much I doubled the recipe and invited my kids over to try it out. Had my doubt but turned into a home run and we killed it as a group effort. Thanks so much!!!

Madnessofdwing says:

6:40 yup im thinking it too

Matthew says:

Long slow deep strokes

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Alan Maldonado says:

Is he asking a question?

Hitopopamus says:

I’m just here to check if he said you are the michael buble of your souffle, but I’m too lazy to watch the whole thing.
Can anyone confirm?

Eric Kee says:

Hi John, I have had the best success using your recipe. However every time I try to double the recipe I usually end up with not enough batter. Would you happen to know what Im doing wrong?
Sometimes even for 2, I barely have enough batter.

moonfanaras says:

So I plan on making this for several friends and family, and I was wondering since the Grand Marnier where I live is super expensive, can I substitute orange juice in it or would that ruin the overall texture or batter?

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