Gobi masala // Cauliflower curry // Authentic Indian video recipe from a desert in Rajasthan

Authentic video recipe from a gipsy village in Rajasthan, India. How to make a Gobi masala / Cauliflower curry – fast and easy recipe.

Detailed gobi masala recipe: bit.ly/2b945M2
Detailed chapati recipe: http://bit.ly/AWFchapati

– ghee: http://amzn.to/2buwh1e
– Indian pots / pans / kadais: http://amzn.to/2bwZKWY
– Indian jewellery: http://amzn.to/1N7smBo
– Indian musical instruments: http://amzn.to/1N7sqkq
– other exotic ingredients: http://bit.ly/1NYKAEQ

From my blog – What a day spent with gipsies in Rajasthan looks like: http://bit.ly/1TM5wnv

Filmed on Sony Cyber Shot RX 100: http://amzn.to/1g0P6G4

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Autentický video recept z rybářské vesnice na jihu Indie, jak uvařit rybí kari, tak jak to dělají ve státě Kerala. To jest s kokosovou omáčkou.

Podrobný recept na gobi masala: http://bit.ly/2bmLIXD
Podrobný recept na čapátí: http://bit.ly/1TM5wnv

Kde sehnat exotické ingredience: http://bit.ly/1P9tnpY

Natočeno na Sony Cyber Shot RX 100: http://amzn.to/1g0P6G4

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sanki kudi says:

hey plzzzzzzzzzzzzz upload some more indian village cooking

Tiger In the Desert says:

How simple the life looks. Serene and silent, and time flies slow. You captured it well. Great share again. Not taking away credit from the gobi masala, but that chapati with fresh ghee looks sooo tempting. 🙂

Ken Cymone says:

Many thanks for sharing this great village life scenery with us. It looks so peaceful. There is nothing better than open fire cooking.

vikash kumar says:

We Indian traditionally believe in ” Atithi Devo Bhava” means Guest is form of God. By serving our Guest we are serving God. However with exposure of globalization started the rat race and eventually the Indian Traditions and ethics are falling apart with time. Peace and spirituality is the true soul of India and surely the glorified days will return.

uspjeh zvijezda says:

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Elizabeth Travels says:

Where do i get such a pot? hahah
great video, I love to see how different cooking is all around the world!

shan19key says:

The musical instrument is wonderful. Just a bamboo stick stuck inside a coconut makes such nice sound.

Meeta Jariwala says:

Simple living…nice video…please do upload more of village families and their simple living…thank u

Jerrymaty says:

Please keep making these documentaries on authentic cooking, I enjoy every one of them very much.

Rani Moore says:

So Beautiful to see the meal prepared and I so wish I was there to taste a bit it’s just delicious thank you so much for taking time in your life to go to these remote places until allow us to witness such beauty may the Lord bless all those in the village with great prosperity

Hope says:

Soul of India is in it’s villages and people like these. Simple and delicious Gobi Masala, I will try this. I love her nail polish color! 😀

Mithila Kanagalingam says:

I’m a huge fan of your posts. . I’m pleased to see their lifestyle. I love these Innocent people, their kindness towards animals and their musical talent. thanks for posting the relaxed world..I’m going to try this delicious dish

uspjeh zvijezda says:

Can you imagine how Krishna, the prince of the future golden-aged kingdom of paradise, the emperor Shri Narayan, will be beautiful if the children in India are now so beautiful! 3:03 Only with the purity of the human soul could the gates to that future paradise be opened. But, I would like to say something that God Shiva is teaching us now and this is the fact that the deity souls will not eat garlic there, in that paradise because it is tamopradhan (impure) kind of food. Kind regards brahmakumaris.org pmtv.in

artisansportsman says:

Beautiful video, thanks for posting

Lavanya Babu says:

I bet the curry would taste heaven,,,, that PERFECT round roties is to die for… Village cooking will always taste better as they use everything fresh and stone grinded ….Your videos always makes us feel good by watching different  cooking culture..Thanks so much….please do more videos…

Ann Hutcheson says:

Another beautiful glimpse into the lives and cuisine of others. Tho their lives are much different than in most of the industrialized world, they seem so very happy and warm and kind. Truly something beautiful to witness.

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