Goat Curry Recipe

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Rakesh Tanwar says:

yaar how many yrs u took to cook dat curry….

humais habib says:

How long does it take to cook the goat meat and potatoes?



kvj1961 says:

Nice work. Will be trying out your recipe this weekend. I have watched several goat recipes on the web. So far this looks the easiest and the best. Tomatoes gives any dish the rich sweet silky taste and potatoes are fillers and starch that would help thicken the gravy and you can feed more people as goat is not cheap anywhere, unless you are butchering your own goat. I add potatoes in my chicken curry and beef curry. 🙂

Andre Suwuh says:


jimmy sandhu says:

bt i like the way you cook its looks very tasty .thanks for doing this for other people.great

Ranaivo Lalatiana NJATO ANDRIANARISON says:

I watch this cause I don’t wanna eat porc anymore… thanx

Neyko Dimov says:

you give very good instructions! great recipe 🙂

rapaka santhosh says:

WOW simply super i can try this at home then i will give a comment thank you

Aditya singh says:

one time i am burn onion they will not remove

Suvit Ghimire says:

Wow…….Look so Yummy yar

Assalamu Alaikum says:


Best Indian Cooking says:

Super recipe…

Blobby Blob says:


Raz Haider says:

Sorry dear but just looking @ ur cooking I can cook better and Im a guy by the way.

Nurbek Bayandin says:

You kinda cute, what’s your name?

Jeanny Tse says:

Thank you for sharing great cusine from North West China.

Acc 1 says:

i add more onions and a meat powder i make myself.

Surinder Singh Bal says:

she is black british ,,,,,,non Hindi natives

Madhumita Mukerje says:

Wonderful dear. ..thanks for sharing your recipe

Abdimalik Ghost says:

Damn, that must be good. Can you be my wife?

John Nanavati says:

excellent video!
what was the total cook time? it would be helpful if you would include more of the cooking times between clips. (suggestion, not criticism)

Queen Ginni says:


Ms.Carnation1983 Reaves says:

I never had goat but it looks like oxtails a little bit to me

Sannan Cannon says:

you should be on khanna khazana. superb mind blowing fantastic HISTORYY!!!

Rajarshi S says:

Looks yummy 🙂

barber man says:

just made this with lamb….very good.

El Kun says:

I marry you if you cook like that everyday

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