Garlic and Lemon Beef Tips – Recipe by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 153

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Q Strike says:

lol marry me <3

Ch William says:

will definitely try this! i love garlic-flavored dishes and this looks perfect:) thanks for your yummy and happy videos Laura.

MusicforMe123 says:

Thank you for the recipe, I cooked this with the addition of potatoes…. delicious!!!

Juliet06 says:

Just made this and it’s delicious!!!!

xxDJCUEBALLxx says:

Shes cute! Nice kitchen too!

MrsBellaBrunette says:

can i use sherry instead of white wine?

Raacikh Asghar says:

alternative for white wine?

Sweetsassy says:

Can I replace beef with pork or chicken? Has anyone tried?

Marco Medalla says:

hot laura;p

derekbegins says:

Thats not the sound of fart at 0.46 if u notice her hand was on the salt container and the container is made of clay . When he lift her hand from the container the lid moved and hit th sides of the container itself so it created that vibrating sound . Not fart 🙂

Lisa Al Zahra says:

wat kind of flour u using? because in my country theres a lot of type of flour.

K McCann says:

I also used red wine instead of white…. cuz…that’s all I had. Will try white next time.

sweetdishi says:

what can be used instead of white wine???

JayFoxFire says:

I’m not a wine drinker either. But when you cook with wine, it will cook out all the alcohol. 🙂

Sweetsassy says:

Thank you 🙂

hunny bunny says:

just watched this now coz I’m looking for more beef and wine sort of recipe coz got tons of wines from clubW been member of this club for years and don’t know what else to do w/ my wines aside from drinking them w/ friends…hope u make more red and white wine recipes 🙂

CyberLeaf says:

Are you from Boston or Italy?

Rana Ch says:

substitute with water, but im sure chicken broth wont make that much of a difference. dont be afraid to experiment ! 🙂

fullyshimmer says:

Omgosh this is great, ur giving me grocery ideas. So easy

josh j says:

trying this in a bit. looks delish

derekbegins says:

Froglegs looks like chicken when they are cooked. But much more tender and sweeter then chicken . Thats why the chinese call them : tian ji. Ji means chicken . As for the tian im mot sure if it means sweet or field 🙂

Maya Campos de Soriano says:

Amazing recipe!!! Thanks!! Now is a favorite of my children!!

jessika guzman says:

I made this since it looked delicious. It came out great and good but my husband did not like it which made me really sad. Wish he wasn’t so picky. I don’t understand I don’t even know what he liked anymore! 🙁

Jo0o0odie1995 says:

I think its all-purpose flour.

noodle8115 says:

I don’t like eel legs.

jelide1982 says:

Tried this recipe tonight and it was DELICIOUS!!!!! Quick to make and very tasty.

Qwikin Inn says:

It was an eel!

octavia wherry says:

How do I cook them in the oven.

keenedge100 says:

I’m beginning to like Laura Vitale second after Chef John, and that’s despite her little-girl voice. I think she has a lovely kitchen, but man, those pots and pans of hers have got to go.

julena16 says:

What kind of white wine do you use? I’m not a big wine drinker so its hard for me to find one to cook with

Boo tie says:

She usually uses plain flour for normal cooking like this. If otherwise, she would state 🙂

Sofia says:

love it when she say ” HI GUYS” at the beginning of her vids

Wilfire1961 says:

How can you offend anyone by saying you don’t like eel?

mdotschrody says:

made this for dinner last night and it was FANTASTIC. thanks for posting!

ImVenting says:

lol white wine in meat.. makes me want to settle with an Italian girl one day

sakuragirl129 says:

I recently started following your channel, and all of your recipes look so yummy! I would like to try this one and I have two questions. 1. do you cook the beef on high heat the whole time or turn it down after the initial browning? 2. I’ve never cooked with alcohol before and I don’t drink, so I’m not sure which white wine to get – what is an inexpensive one that you would recommend?

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