Galaktoboureko Greek Custard Phyllo Dessert Recipe

Galaktoboureko Greek Custard Phyllo Desert Recipe How To Make Galaktoboureko. The Greek Kitchen at my friends house taught me how to make this custard and phyllo rolls, For many years I always called it a different name, but have now found out its true identity of this pastry recipe. The only part that may take some time is making the custard, and individually rapping each roll. But can be done in less than 30 minutes, besides the baking time. The Greek Custard, is basically semolina based and is wonderful. The cinnamon at the end is optional, but really gives it a lot of flavor. We tend to rush and eat it when its warm, but its most delicious when is cold. Phyllo dessert are widely popular in many baklava varieties, and perhaps this recipe is a relative of the baklava as it has the basics of many baklava ingredients. Phyllo dough is so diverse, you can use it in a countless amount of recipes, and this is another recipe using Phyllo dough. Make a batch of these Galaktoboureko Greek Custard Phyllo Desserts Pastry Recipe and take it as a gift! But make plenty as it will go fast! Its that good!


Stevie Arcanum says:

great recipe thanks

HowToExpo says:

@shahzadkayani74 Thank you. Enjoy!

sapilas111 says:

mmmmm……!!! και ειμαι και σε γραμμωση…!!

Lisa Canterbury says:

Great recipe, my favorite dessert. Very clear instructions, thank you.

christinapapou1981 says:

the cream looks way too thick and you have to let the milk become warm before you add the semolina. also you must incorporate the eggs while its still cooking and then turn off the heat. not a very good depiction of the real way of making galaktobouriko.

eytyxhs says:

My favorite Sweet here in Greece. 🙂

ERDIT Spahi says:

Deb no you can’t froze it become the fillo is going to get saggy. Gerry you can find a fillo on a Turkish stores if you have in your area if not the restaurant depot have. You can’t do it yourself is very difficult. I’m not the person how done the video but I have experience in a Greek cousin. Thanks I hope I help you.

HowToExpo says:

@degodzelf Thanks. I am glad you like the video.

d0o0ly says:

I have the same Q.!

Suds P says:

it looks lovely.

Sassy Sherry says:

If I want to serve this on a Friday night, what is the latest time I can make them? Friday morning or can I make them Thursday night?

HowToExpo says:

You are most welcome. Thank you so much for liking the recipe, trying it and sharing your experience with us. We really appreciate it. Enjoy!:)

Designs By Sher says:

Thank you so much!!!! Love Greek food and Greece!! 🙂

HowToExpo says:


Deb Polenz says:

This looks very good, but wondering how long you can save them for or can you freeze them if left over? I doubt I will get an answer as no other questions where answered here. As for the DUCK EGG question, are you nuts, you can clearly see she has regular chicken eggs, don’t you think she would of said duck eggs if she had used them? arg.

Κική Ζωγραφάκη says:


HowToExpo says:

@JakstapeK You’re welcome.

Sassy Sherry says:

so I made this reciepie….I haven’t tasted it yet cause its still warm… however.. I have a TON of filling left over… to make another 2 or 3 packets of filo pastry….. maybe half the reciepie for just 1 packet of filo pastry?? also..the syrup.. is it supposed to get thick or does it stay runny?? am taking it over to a freinds house tonight.. so I hope they are at least OK!!!

Alex Michailidis says:

Could you show how you can make? Ravanie and toulombas
They are Greek pastries.

Oh, please
Many greetings from Belgium

Dimitrios M. says:

LOL hahahaha

Emily Magluyan says:

Ma’am Mariete, may I know ghe size of the Phyllo?so that I will know when I am going to buy at the duper market. Thank you.

Aisha Mo says:

Great! Can i put chopped nut on top instead of cinnamon?

Gerry Hoffman says:

nice. i like this but it is hard to find it in the shops and only rarely will it show up. i will have to try making it myself. thanks for the recipe.

HowToExpo says:

@Esunshine71 What do you use instead of semolina? Please share with us your version. It will be appreciated. Thanks for the input.

RaisingGood KindChildren says:

Can I use custard?

JakstapeK says:

Reminds me of nalezniki. Probably spelled wrong though. Thnx for upload.

Esunshine hope says:

in Iraq we call these Zonod Al Sit but the filling doesn’t contain samolina . please check out my channel in facebook ….COOKING FOR FUN

HowToExpo says:

You’re welcome. Glad you like my recipes. If you have any question on this or any other recipe you may want to try, please don’t hesitate to ask. I will be happy to help. Enjoy!

Purnima Rummery says:

is it a duck egg u put in the filling

Sassy Sherry says:

is there any other reciepe you can use this kind of filling in?? or can you freeze the filling??
I hate to throw it out 🙁

mjchristie100 says:

Beautiful recipe and beats anything you can find in the shops.

ozmassagetherapy says:

This looks soooooo tasty and yummy….thank you for this video and receipe, I enjoyed it very much. Now I have to try and make my own, hope I’ll manage to do it right. 🙂 xo ….much love from a Turkish girl. 😉

HowToExpo says:

You are most welcome! I am glad you liked the Galaktoboureko Greek custard dessert Recipe. Give it a try, it is very easy to prepare. If you have any question for this or any other recipe you may want to try, please don’t hesitate to ask, I will be glad to help. God bless. Enjoy! 🙂

Muslima Islam says:

I tried it and its amazinnnng!!!!! Now it’s my family’s favorite dessert dish. Thank youuuuuuuuu

Chirosree Chakraborty says:

Can we fry the whole thing .. if baking not possible !! 🙂

RootGW2 says:

what the fuck is karabouglika….god damn..learn how to pronounce the names right

Helix 1 says:

hi,,thank u very much for giving a very much testy recipe,,,

imaw8ke says:

ya know, I’m gonna try to keep the melted butter in a spray bottle and microwave on occassion…afterwards just keep it in the fridge and re-mic it…huh…whatdya think…?

anna Vassiliou says:

you are right christina its not the way my family do it ..eggs should be beaten added slowly at the end ..and i would use less then half the sugar in cream and syrup

Alex Michailidis says:

Could you show how you can make? Ravanie and toulombas
They are Greek pastries.

Oh, please
Many greetings from Belgium
Alex Michailidis

HowToExpo says:

We love it too 🙂 Galaktoboureko is so easy to make and yet so tasty and presentable. Thanks for posting. Enjoy!

Shahzad Kayani says:


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