Flambe Bombe Alaska Dessert Recipe HOW TO COOK THAT Baked Alaska Recipe Ann Reardon

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ياحسين ياحسين says:

شنوالي استخدمتيه اول شي

Kawaii Kittens says:

Can u use a blowtorch

Bailey Sayers says:

thx for the amazing idea its amazing. i was thinking of like a prankster cake or something like that.

The Random Vic says:

who’s watching in 2016

Ajith Nair says:

can you make a dosa

Rony Bueaty says:

delicious dessert!

Colette says:

Would it be possible to brown the meringue with a culinary torch?

Fairy Tail says:

Can I use mangoes?

S Bensel says:

I absolutely love Baked Alaska c:

GreenBeanGaming says:

Please do baked Alaska

Jolona Martin says:

can you make a ring pop cake

Jack Gerrard says:

Cool Ann Reardon!

Drishti Sikri says:

will the plastic not melt ?

Jellbean019 Pretty019 says:

I’m from Alaska

Queentarhesa francis says:

Love I want to bake like u

FluffyPizza_ says:

Rewatching Ann’s video’s because I’m hungry 😛

Bách Nguyễn says:


Juliana Aguinaldo says:

Wow I love it

Keith Mallory says:

HA HA HA HA!!! Actually it is an occurance when ceo’s of pharma don’t really care, and thus desire the dividend rather than any possible cure.

Jiya Johal says:

Can children eat it when you use the spirit version if you have same qotion

Madison Raine says:

what is Centigrade???

cndianmouse says:

o.O if that’s just a regular ziplock type bag they’re not meant to be heated! You could be leeching chemicals into your strawberries. I’m quite shocked you don’t talk about this or mention to use heat safe bags…

Maan Mae Melchor says:

can you bake a chocolate flower cake

Δέσποινα Πιερράκου says:


Mimi Gray says:

I just discovered your channel and I have been binge watching for 3 days! Thanks for sharing these amazing desserts, and inspiring me to try….

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