Fish Recipes Indian Style – HEALTHY Fish recipes for WEIGHT LOSS – GRILLED Pomfret recipe


Ingredients :

1 large pomfret (Any other small fish works fine)
1 lemon sized ball of tamarind
Curry leaves
Mustard seeds
Red chilly powder
Freshly grated coconut (Optional)
1 teaspoon each of flour and rice flour (Optional)

Ask any TRUE Indian foodie and they’ll vouch for the goodness of coconut based South Indian curries. The complexity of the curries is just something out of the world. The spice and coconut goodness combined with fresh seafood is the best way to enjoy these curries in my opinion. I personally prefer these kinds of curries and this style of cooking to traditional punjabi cooking. This kind of cooking is not only healthier but its also what I call NEXT LEVEL FOOD.

Unfortunately, as with most things in life, deliciousness is at the cost of calories and macros. The coconut and oil traditionally used in these curries is just off the charts. That’s why I’m releasing this video today. We are gonna be making a LOW FAT, GRILLED version of a South Indian fish curry. We’re lowering the total calories, fat macros and carb macros to end up with a healthy POST WORKOUT option. AND perfect option for a healthy and delicious dinner. Also, awesome for bodybuilding and weight loss. Chalo, enjoy 🙂

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naniv says:

Looooodddddddovvv curry paste

roopa sarode says:

I don’t get pomfret here (Australia) so which fish can I use ??…waiting for more chicken curry recipes ..thanks

Saighu says:

“”dunk all that shit inside the fish”? lmfao

Jaee Kshirsagar says:

Did u add fresh coconut or dry coconut powder in the paste before cooking?

sravan kumar says:


snehal Babar says:

nice vid…i just wana try it!!!

Lisa W says:

Do not fear high fat – do the research…love your vids

Aayush Chhabria says:

for how long should we rest the marinated fish

puja debnath says:

if i dont have have a griller can u plz suggest how to make it on a nonstick pan?

Nadeem Ashraf Kakar says:

finally , some desi muscle food , i got tired of all the bacon, the sausages,the turkey breast , the half cooked spinach and stuff the americans eat for building muscle , though i am not an indian but whether indian or pakistani ,none of us can disagree on the fact that spices are the spirit of food and cooking at least to us pakistanis and you indians.

Nisha Htc says:

superb receipe…please specify the measurements of ingredients

Mir ali says:

Ok does ur this Brother who is with you lick on all what u cook. First his brother this Dog licks on these ingredients then this food is ready to cook

Ayan Maitra says:

Any chance you could try a healthy Bengali style recipe for fish???

Rituraj Aqua says:

oh man!
just had breakfast…. and now I m hungry again!!! it’s yummm

Stalin John Manuel says:

Superb Bro

Ash N says:

all that shit? the guy said that … dump all that shit… probably thats what he has for breakfast… fresh n hot … regular basis…

Suvarna Chavan says:

nice recipe

Brijesh Bolar says:

Doooooood I tried this recipe to impress my wife but it kinda backfired and I completely blame it on the tamarinds. I used whole tamarinds by soaking them but then the tamarinds that I used were not completely clean and I could taste the tamarind waste in my fish too. wife told me that she prefers using tamarind water over the whole tamarind. anyways it was a good attempt and I’d be surely trying this again.

sid max says:

How much protein,fat,and cab it carries

Shriti Poddar says:

Can we use lemon instead of tamarind?

Shreeleka Narla says:

This is my first time cooking fish and I’m glad I have found the perfect Indian way to grill fish, thanks man!

Frank Rock says:

nice vid.. what kinda oven is that?..plz

Sudeshna Podder says:

Your doggy is really cute man….its because of Giggy I started watching the video and finally liked it 🙂

anime lovers says:

why did you used word shit?. dunk all that shit inside the fish. now I’m not gonna eat that.

Nitin Kumar says:

Your Dog probably thinking : Why he is acting weird and talking to something not moving (Camera) ? 🙂

Gayatri Sarkar says:

did you say “dunk all that shit” inside the fish …….omg……anyway i like the recipe, i’m gonna try…the size of pomfrets in US are not that big 🙁

Beagle Cancún says:

Good but slow

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