Fish Recipe: Simple Delicious Halibut

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Here is a really simple yet delicious halibut recipe which we love! All you need are thin slices of halibut, egg wash, Panko breadcrumb. Enjoy!

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Camera: Nina Manique
Editing: Rodney Hsu
Music: “Kind Regards” by Olive Musique
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licho cruz says:

thanks you

Vic L says:

Cooking with rod

S.I. G. says:

Thank you.

Armando serpas says:

ok thank you rod I can always count on you!

CJStryke says:

This is great, Try it with a little Season salt, or try Tony Chachere’s Famous Creole Seasoning for a little kick (my favorite) If you try the creole seasoning, start with a little.

Cohen Lewis says:


bigboybox123 says:

hey rod could you help me I have been fishing for 3 years and I have never caught a fish if You could give me some tips that would be great I live in the Vancouver area.

J'zargo says:

I’m working at like 2AM in the morning right now…and now I’m hungry. Thanks rod! v.v

Basic_Fishing says:

haha damn that looks great 🙂 would like to see more halibut fishing videos later on

licho cruz says:

I want to go fishing for halibut who would you recommend

Glen Stoner says:

Cooking with Rod..!
Looks great, I just need to figure out where to find some halibut.
I’m going to Savory Island end of July, know any spots around there to drop a line for some hali’s?

Tyler Seydel says:

I watch food videos all the time and I will tell you are pretty good at it and I think you could get more views if you cooked after you make a fishing video

Armando serpas says:

hey rod just a tottaly random question what float fishing for salmon lets say coho and chinook what size hook do you use?

Carlos Rivera says:

Now I wanna go fishing

Teng Xyooj says:

That looks sooooo good!

dimman77 says:

Looks great, but… where’s Pai?

Eric Duque says:

Rod! I love your videos! All of these recipes look amazing and I really look forward to trying them. The question I have is if there was any way to post some trout recipes? I’m in the Midwest here in the States and the rivers here in my state only have rainbows and stocked browns. That would be awesome if you could! Keep up the amazing work! I was “hooked” from the first video I watched!

Generikid says:

Are u Thai?

James Powell says:

Great video Rod! If I ever get some halibut I will definitely have to try this recipe

Bluecollar says:

Hey Rod…..Just made this from previously frozen halibut…….I cut it a little thicker and cooked slightly longer, absolutely would do it this way again and again! Loved it!!!

NWoutdoorTV says:

Thanks for sharing, I’m love halibut, for me the best fish to eat.

Shane Wickham says:

i do this with sole but i use flour instead of bread crumbs

Hookemups says:

What’s the difference in cooking both sides shallow fry and deep fry? Clearly they get the same amount of oil at the same temperature.Interested go know why the flavour changes.

Braeden Wims says:

Rod has been fishing with a rod. Cool!

tsns1 says:

Looks like a quick take from the bake, I’m doing this friday, (you sound like Crazy Russian hacker on my set).

Rob Arnold says:

Can I come for supper please Rod?.

William Cargile says:

grood video….My wife “Filipina” is a sea food eating machine. Please advise on the cooking oil you use, i want to be as healthful as i can in preparing the fish and shrimp. thanks.

Kendye says:

Great recipe, we use it with haddock and cod as well, and cook up white rice and an assortment of peppers. Thanks for sharing.

thatdamnmackem says:

Takes me back to my days as a chef, Just a tip, before dipping in the egg dip the fish in seasoned flour, it helps the egg stick and saves having to season before and during cooking

ScandinavianToday says:

Thanks, Looks good.

Brett Murphy says:

Maybe a dumb question, but what kind of oil are you cooking with?

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