Fish Po’Boy Recipe Cook & Review | KBDProductionsTV

Fish Po’Boy Recipe Cook & Review | KBDProductionsTV
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Vise man says:

Marc Andre is an annoying twit. stop showcasing him he’s annoying, and weird.

Joseph Harris says:

one of the coolest shows to watch. chill, brewskis, food. jist need a few bouncy boobs runnin through and u will b on. cable haha! keep up the great work

Cyph18 says:

Ken loves cutting him off

Brandon Binder says:

amazing looks very delicious well done

EYEZP951 says:

you’re full of shit Ken! better than Louisiana? I doubt it, I’m a native and you haven’t even tasted a real poboy jack!

Dank m9 says:

papa joey sent me here. I can take both of you 😉

alexblack300 says:

Joey’s fat ass brought me here. It’s nice to see somebody not eat the meal in one bite

Warren Mapp says:

I wanna see Paul try and make the Popeyes Cajun poutine you tried 3 years ago

Cathalo says:

I grew up outside of New Orleans, in Metairie. The key to a good Po-Boy is the Leidenheimer bread, coupled with fresh gulf coast shrimp or crawfish, cajun roast beef or smoked BBQ beef. Louisiana and Texas, my two favorite states of all time.

Barry Allen says:

I think Ken secretly likes pickles now

Trash Panda says:

These videos are amazing

Auto Young says:

They didn’t take out anything. That’s the way we say things here in the South Mr.Canadian. Instead of “poor” we say “po”…

Andrew Rojas says:

I feel like your friend needs to be more confident about his food

JoeysWorldTour says:

lol ken you are walter whites cousin!

The Badcompany Gaming says:

This looks amazing!

Knightcommander says:

FML, it actually is 1:20am here in Sydney and I’m STARVING!

keith7023 says:

what camera are you using in this video?

justanotherbum007 says:

When you bought the shock top were you looking at the floor in embarrassment?

Jay V says:

He prolly put the ingredients in his tax write off

Jayme Bounkhun says:

Im coming to aurora/newmarket area, i will drive into every neighbourhood and when i find you guys im joining the show

Wilson Guzman says:

I’d love to see you guys cook a donair or a halal snack pack.

MeloMash says:

I’ve never had a po’boy…

link tube HD says:

ken and Ben and Paul and mark :)(:


Damn Paul can cook I wish I knew how to cook

GWRevolutionTV says:

this is the best looking sandwich ive seen on this channel so far.. I grew up on this type of sandwich.. Poboys are a way of life lol

Break Through says:

You asked for a comment. I love these C&R videos. I wish I had friends and family like you guys do. You truly are blessed. Watching them is a nice escape from my life of turmoil. Thank you.

Justin Pinel says:

You guys must be used to the train horns because you never mention that. Also it seems like every time Ben shows up and talks a train horn tries to cut him off.

Jim Power says:

Why does paul’s kid have two names?

Time Popcorn says:

Oh my god, the ads!

Timothy Kerofsky and Family says:

Do a homemade meatball sandwich cook and review.

Chris Morgan says:

C&R are BEST 🙂 🙂

Sean Gearhart says:

The “polish it off” section reminded me of the King of the Hill intro.

Stephan Popa says:

Ken, have you tried half-sour pickles yet? They retain some of the texture of the cucumbers (and are not slimy) while still having the pickle taste.

Mike Mancuso says:

fish on the menu tomorrow

Kingo3110 says:

When I was this kids age, I was already drinking with my dad… Please give this kids a beer.. JESUS!

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