Fish Piccata Recipe – by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 133

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Pearl M says:

What are those black seeds she added?

Mary Grace Pimentel says:

Thank you for your cooking tutorials in this site!!! It helps a lot!!!God bless you.

Justin Yeung says:

its nice but in Macau, its hard to find this fish in

code6665 says:

love it looks easy and seems like a light meal to me 🙂 subscribed

sve4real says:

you can make the sauce after the fish is done, just keep the fish warm and wok fast. so therefore have your mise en place ready

Yewande Fagade says:

nice one!

Mark Dufresne says:

I am going to be polite and simply say there are better resources here on youtube if you are actually seeking proper piccata.

shruthi Tapse says:

This recipe always turns out delicious and its sooooo simple to make…..Lovely recipe!!!

David Lahti says:

You can always take the fish out, then reduce and finish sauce, then add the fish back in…..that way fish won’t totally disintegrate into the sauce…..

ccc2403 says:

Lauren this is excellent

teddancin100 says:

This is so similar to a dish I made up, same ingredients except I bake mine in foil and I have onion in mine and no white wine. A lot of juices come out in the foil so I serve it with rice and mix it all together. I’m going to make it tonight with stargazer fish.

Rafael Uribe says:

Can I have sex with you?

Emily Hart says:

Amazing! My sons (10 & 12) cooked this for lunch, so easy, straight forward . Thanks Laura!

sve4real says:

nice looking dish

mishmsh LDN says:

What if I don’t want to use wine?? what should I use as a replacement??

joe celar says:

Ssssug Discard comments

XxzDiamondManiaczxX badman says:
antwane futrell says:

will dark wine ruin the dish?

G Schinzel says:

Your chicken and potatoes dish turned out amazing now I’m going to try this recipe only I’m going to use whitefish. 

Mili Chatterjee says:

am mad about your presentation of food on youtube. Really love the recipes, going to try this one soon. Love ur make up. keep rocking!!!

Karen guti says:

good fish

David Lahti says:

Use clam stock instead of wine, and reduce salt in dish…….

Nisha Jain says:

you are cute and passionate about your recipes  Rocking !!! combination 

Jannet96 says:

Hi Laura. Can you please share with us how to roast a whole fish in the oven. I have tried it and it hasn’t worked out. thanks.. loving you all the way from Namibia.. 🙂

jbooks888 says:

A little heavy on the eyelids and brows!

Judith Zandler says:

I don’t use Telapia I was told that it is not healthy , but I used dove flounder fish. it was delicious. I didn’t use flour. Just one to thank you for sharing your cooking videos they are fantastic. Iam learning lot with you.

Debora Teixeira says:

Laura I love your recipes!! I always loved to cook, but when I watch your videos I just feel like cooking all the time! I already made many of your recipes and my family loves it!

Kashmira Chadwal says:

I made this last night and my husband loved it!! I also made some roasted asparagus wt Parmesan cheese

Patience Godwin says:

super,i love cooking and eating yammmy

Tretobia James says:

I served this dish to myself,today. It was a wonderful dish. I have never input Capers with my dish. The Capers had given the dish a great flavor.

Chewy 13 says:

What can I replace the capers with?

mtx993 says:

Tried this, .. but, be careful … because can overcooked the fish while waiting for the wine to reduce and the butter to melt.

Maksim hs says:

Your husband is Lucky he eats wonderfull Food

Samuel Jin says:

Damn U R SO HOT! Wasn’t here for food, here to drool over ur face.

sindy enriquez says:

Can I use white cooking wine? And is it ok if my toddler eat it too?

Nancy Gayed says:

FYI chicken stock is awesome with it!

Adriane Cole says:

Just made this with bassa filet … absolutely delicious! Thank you Laura for another great recipe ! ! 

Brent Petit says:

I like Salmon Picatta much better, can you do a show on that?


Brent in Atlanta

jennifer fernandez says:

I love fish and vegetable and this is veryvhealth

Mhe Lang says:

I’m starting to learn how to cook, what kind of white wine did you use? can I use white cooking wine?

Yummy Yumz says:

looks yummy……….

Steven Servais says:

Gave this recipe a try.  Was easy to make and turned out really tasty.  I even got compliments from my wife and children.  Will now be part of our week night lineup of recipes.

edmund kim says:

Can you just reduce the wine before cooking the fish?

Danyal Khawaja says:

can i use snapper fillets?

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