Fish Fry – South Indian Recipe – CookingWithAlia – Episode 358

You can not think of South Indian cuisine without thinking of fish recipe! The most popular (and delicious!) is the fish fry, a crispy and spicy version of fried fish. YUM!!!
INGREDIENTS: 4 medium-thick slices of Seer fish (or any fish of your choice)
1 cup semolina
Vegetable oil for frying
Masala ingredients:
2 teaspoons ground chili
1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric
2 tablespoons ground coriander
1-2 teaspoon salt (depending on the fish used)
1 tablespoon water

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pri22v11 says:

I love how respectful and enthusiastic you are about other cultures! Its quite rare to find middle easterners who appreciate Indian culture! MashAllah! 🙂


Please bye new tawa…………….

pinkish pink says:

Ginger garlic paste is not there right ??

Sufi Laddu says:

us language is so lovely

Paul Siami says:

I like your site.  This is not a favorite.  Thank you.

farida sayah says:


Amanda Dhandapani says:

Love your videos just started watching them …my husband is from Chennai and i have learned to cook some indian foods …mother n law will be coming in 2 months time and she will be teaching me other dishes

TameTusker Silly says:

That is an interesting duo- Mother-in-law and daughter in law ,,,Indian/Moroccan duo!!!:):):)

Vijay Shalton Serrao says:

Shettre ench uller!?

farida sayah says:

She always say YUM !!!!!!! Lol

Ashwin Kini says:

hats off! salute to amma. age old regional recipes need to be saved! You sound better without the forced accent! keep the fries coming 🙂

ums4491 says:

This is not a very good recipe. No ginger/garlic…… no souring agent (tamraind, lemon?)

Kouglizia says:

You are so beautiful in your indian outfit and the food looks so good, I got to try it

Ali Khan says:

Am going to unsubscribe u. Ur disgusting …

manjusharron says:

U r married to Indian…great.looking awesome in sari

Naomi Baker says:

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipes  with us and also your mother in law is pretty. I have been enjoying all your presentation from Saudi Arabia, Morocco , India  and so on

ihath says:

you look awesome in a sari

Bane says:

Seems she is typical indian mother in law

BYTE2011 says:

Video is nice & clear, thanks for posting

sleepyfacedangel ♥ says:

Need to try this with Tilapia!   

travelswag84 says:

Hi Alia, you have no idea how much I am enjoying your episodes with your mother in law. She is so charming and I love her recipes. I am from Mangalore too so I can relate to all the recipes she is teaching. More of the mother-in-law recipes please! 🙂

Mariam saba says:

mabrouk mabrouk alia….sa3dato Hindi bik ghzala

Fatima Naqvi says:

this recipe looks great, sure will try it, thanks for sharing

Rahul Patel says:

These motherfuckers think that they gonna get stronger by eating fish, he’ll naw, ghee is a better Protein source

RaniaTunisian Girl says:

ur husband is indian ! can’t belive that

Jennifer D'Cunha says:

Eraj she speaks ok. perhaps you don’t know that sooji is called semolina, in English. read below the video.

Smita Acharya says:

Wow Alia, you are married to an Indian; that’s good to know. And you look very pretty in the saree and bindi 🙂

zermomia says:

I am pretty damn sure that my wife will let marry an Indian second wife so i can have a mother in law who will cook us. Indian meals that everyone will enjoy.

Rukhsana khalid says:

wow very nice fish fry Alia

Sandip Deshmukh says:

Alia your recipe is so good and you looking so nice in saree……..

chicagogurnee says:

What’s next ? Butter chicken

haider irfan says:
Himbi Mirza says:
Mahira Haque says:

I love it the way she calls her Amma. The house on fire. So funny. Love u Alia. So cute n talented. Very good bonging with her mother in law

donald carnley says:

Can i bury my face in this dish ?

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